Top 10 In Demand Jobs In The UK

Top 10 In Demand Jobs In The UK

The United Kingdom has traditionally been an industrial, manufacturing, and exporting powerhouse. However, these sectors have altered substantially in recent years because of technological advancements and increasing global competition.

The UK has always been a country to draw migrants from all over the world, and this trend seems to increase.

The main issue that people face when moving to the UK is the job hunt. There are a lot of jobs that are needed, such as plumbers, construction workers, and other skilled labor.

With the current push to make sure that we have a steady pool of talent coming out of our educational systems, it is important to understand what industries and jobs will be in demand and what jobs will be around the longest.

What Skills Do Employers Look For?

What Skills Do Employers Look For

The professional world has changed drastically since the 1980s; many of the jobs available now are not what they were even ten years ago.

To secure a stable future, professionals need to be aware of these changes and gain the skills that will make their chances of securing a good job in certain sectors much higher.

Progression within most jobs is easier when you have a solid foundation of technical and fundamental knowledge, additional practical skills, and employability skills. If you want to move up in your line of work; it is essential that your resume lists these key abilities.

In-Demand Professions Today In The UK

In Demand Professions Today In The UK

Here we will look at the top jobs in demand in the UK to ensure that it does not leave us behind as the jobs market changes.

1. Computer Service

Computer Service

Computer Science is among the most in-demand professions today

Using computers has gone way beyond being a simple tool to help with your work; it is now, in fact, the backbone of most businesses.

Broadly, technology is changing every facet of our lives, so to have a stable future in this field you need to understand the basics of computer code and programming languages.

Top careers in this sector include Software Engineer, Web Developer, or I.T. Technician.

2. Information Technology

Information Technology

Information Technology is among the most prestigious careers in the modern world

Information Technology has become a central part of many industries and it’s essential to understand how it works and what skills they will need to secure their position within this industry.

Some of these careers include Cloud Systems Engineer, Web Developer, Computer Programmer, and Software Developer, just to name a few.

3. Accountancy


Accountancy has become one of the most common careers among technology professionals

The public sector is very much involved in this field today, with government bodies needing to use business software and processes that will enable them to manage their finances easier. Accounting degrees are most commonly received by graduates with degrees in accountancy or economics.

4. Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service is another profession that has seen rapid changes in recent years.

Managing customer interaction is now very much an essential skill for all professionals to possess. With the industry now being dominated by online-based systems instead of face-to-face interactions.

Some careers that are related to Customer Service are Call Centre Manager or Call Centre Agent, Call Centre Supervisor or Operations Manager, and IT Helpdesk Agent.

5. Mechanics


Mechanics are an essential job requirement for many industries.

Railtrack, for instance, employs thousands of mechanics to maintain the railway system. Mechanics are also an important part of the motor industry, being essential for workers in automobile service stations or garages.

Some careers include Vehicle Engineer or Maintenance Engineer, Mobile Mechanic or Fleet Manager, Bus Mechanic or New Car Sales Manager.

6. B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing

Business is another industry that has seen a great deal of change in recent years.

B2B marketing is being used more often to reach out to potential clients instead of B2C marketing. Jobs in this industry include Accountant, Business Angel, Finance Manager, and Business Consultant.

7. IT Security

IT Security

IT Security currently requires graduates to be computer literate and possess an understanding of encryption.

With the increasing number of cyberattacks that happen across the world today – all professionals in any line of work must protect themselves from attacks.

Some careers that fall under this category are Network Technician or Computer Support Technician, Internet Consultant or Content Manager, Security Analyst or Software Engineer, Computer Forensics Analyst or Cryptographer. If you are applying for a job, make sure to have the proper cover letter template to impress the HR’s.

8. Construction Professionals

Constructional Professionals

Construction professionals have seen a great demand in the past few years.

Because of the increase in demand for new housing and buildings, there is now a greater demand for construction engineers to design and construct new buildings and infrastructure.

Some careers that fall under this category include Quantity Surveyor or Estimator, Building Designer or Architect, Structural Engineer or Designer, Bookkeeper or Accounting Clerk.

9. Legal Services

Legal Services

Legal is also one of the most common IT careers that are available for those with degree training.

Criminal law now requires technicians to be computer-literate, as well as possess an understanding of encryption.

Some careers include Legal Information Technology Specialists, Information Technology Officer or Information Security Officer, Information Management Specialist or Information Analyst, Information Systems Manager or Project Manager, Software Developer or Business Analyst.

10. Engineering


Engineering makes up over half of many technology-based fields today, and this has led to a greater demand for professionals in this field.

Engineers handle the design, production, and repair of machinery- this has led to many jobs (such as maintenance or electrical engineering) becoming easier to get.

Some of the most popular careers in this sector involve Mechanical Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Automotive Technician, or Production Engineer.


We all know that as a society, we are becoming more reliant on technology, and as a result, more jobs arise with technology.

In the last few years, there has been a creation of several jobs, which you would not have imagined 20 years ago. In the UK, the job market is changing and several jobs have become in-demand.

Across the globe, the job market is swinging back to the positive side. The unemployment rate in the UK is coming down, so there are more jobs out there.

The job market is changing and shifting with time. Keeping up is a challenge, but with all this change, organizations are now looking at candidates who are more versatile and enterprising.