Beyond the Basics – Unveiling Lesser Known Aspects of the MOT Test

lesser known aspects of the mot test

As many as 10% of vehicles fail their very first MOT, and quite often, the fails are for items so bizarre and left-field that the frustrated drivers can wonder if they are being pranked and there is a candid camera crew lurking just out of sight!

While everyone knows the ‘big three’ – the items that appeared on the original MOT test back in 1960: namely, brakes, steering and lights, let’s see if you know any of these lesser-known aspects of the MOT test before you book your test: Elite Direct is a fine local one-stop garage for MOT testing in London. If you are looking to book your MOT, do check them out.

Lesser Known Aspects of the MOT Test

Air Freshener (et al)

Air Freshener (et al)

While it’s nice to personalise your car with a swinging set of fluffy dice or make it smell deliciously floral or piney fresh, do take care to make sure that these items do not obscure your view from the driver’s seat. Anything that obscures the driver’s view of the road in any way is an instant fail,ure as it can endanger you and other road users.

Dirty Numberplate

Marely handing your keys over to the MOT instructor before giving your own car or a company car a final once-over can be enough to earn you an MOT fail. Numberplates are the best way for law enforcement to check the registration of the many cars on the UK’s busy road network, and having an excessively dirty and unreadable numberplate is against the law: as evidenced by the speed of the fail you will earn, for something as simple as chucking a bucket of water over your numberplate before you leave home!


Not only can having a cluttered car earn you an MOT fail, it can actually see the MOT inspector refuse to administer the test in the first place! It’s not hard to get into the habit of emptying your car out: daily or weekly as needed, to be sure that no MOT tester will refuse to set foot inside it!

Poor Suspension

Poor Suspension

You might assume that your suspension is all about your comfort and therefore does not matter in an MOT which is all about roadworthiness. This is incorrect: your suspension is an important part of your vehicle, and many poor suspensions have caused auto accidents. Make sure to keep it always in great working order. (And you will be comfortable while driving too!)


Your horn is probably seldom used – and with good reason, as it is an emergency signal, for you to alert another road user to your presence because they are not paying attention or because your car has failed in some way. But it is a necessary emergency signal, and it should always be ready and able to go into action! Testing your horn is a simple task – give it a quick toot when you are parked safely somewhere out of the way where there is no one to be annoyed by your noisy blast!

Did any of these items come as a shock to you? Well, you know now what to expect at your MOT!