Why Study MBA in London?

8 Reasons Why London Is a Great Place for MBA Aspirants

8 Reasons Why London Is a Great Place for MBA Aspirants

For years, students from all over the world have been coming to the UK, especially London, to pursue their higher studies, making it one of the most favorite destinations for international students. In recent years, MBA aspirants occupy a huge section of that student population – which raises the question, “Is London a great place to study MBA?”

Well, UK is home to some of the most renowned MBA courses in the world. In fact, these courses are recognized by all the major global league tables. If you just come to London, you will find a number of world-class B-schools, ranking amongst the top 100 business schools in the world. However, if you are looking for more reasons to pursue your MBA in London, here are 8 solid reasons for you.

1. Top Schools

Top SchoolsAs mentioned, the MBA programs available in London are among the best in the world of b-schools. According to the QS World University Rankings, London Business School ranks 3rd in the list of top business schools in 2021, while the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford rank 9th and 10th, respectively.

Moreover, a number of top international schools have built their campuses in London. So, you never run out of great options when you come to London. Apart from the ones mentioned already, you have Imperial College Business School, Hult International Business School (London campus), ESCP (London campus), Warwick Business School, and more.

2. Great employment opportunities

Great employment opportunitiesIf you want to have a fulfilling career after your graduation, an MBA in London can help you achieve that goal. In fact, a lot of experts would call it a great investment in your future. Since the B-schools in London have a great reputation in the employment market, the MBA graduates from these institutions enjoy a great demand in the job market.

Also, as an international business and finance hub, London offers massive employment opportunities. In fact, MBA graduates in London get easier access to the world’s leading companies. In fact, 9 out of 10 MBA graduates from London Business School receive an offer of employment less than three months after graduation.

3. High salary packages

There is no denying that the cost of living in London can be significantly higher than any other major European city. But on the other hand, the city offers you higher salaries than most parts of Europe. In fact, studies suggest that MBA graduates from Imperial College London can expect six-figure salaries, averaging $112,000.

Well, if you can get into Cass or London Business universities, you can expect to see even higher salary packages than what is offered to Imperial’s MBA graduates. The average salary packages offered to the graduates at Cass Business School and London Business School are $121,000 and $154,000, respectively.

4. Diversity

London has been the center for art, music, culture, food, and people for centuries. You can find not only the imperial structures and heritage of the United Kingdom but also find a great amalgamation of culture and people from different ethnicities. The MBA courses at the London institutes are no different.

You will meet with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds at these MBA courses in London. In fact, these B-schools in London have a higher percentage of international students, making the student population significantly diverse in terms of ethnicity, culture, likings, and more.

5. Access to Europe

London sits on the doorstep of the European mainland. If you join a B-school in London, you can simply hop on the Eurostar and reach Paris within just two hours during your weekend. In fact, major cities in Europe, including Milan, Barcelona, and Berlin, are only a couple of hours away in flight.

If you want, you can also take a road trip to the English countryside. This will help you get some break from the rush of city life and academic pressure. In other words, London gives you plenty of options for your weekend getaways.

6. Networking

NetworkingWhen you attend one of the leading B-schools in the world, you start to make contacts in the chosen field. Studying in London gives you the opportunity to meet with a number of professionals, both in your course and in your chosen field. Of course, you will have to put some effort to make contact with these people.

However, studying at the top B-schools in London certainly makes it easier for you to meet the right contacts. These contacts could boost your future career prospects.

7. The social life

social lifeApart from enjoying the best quality education from some of the top educators in the field, you will also enjoy a great social life during your stay in London. You can find plenty of pubs, restaurants, movie theatres, live music venues, parks, cafes, diners, and many more.

Moreover, there are a number of soccer stadiums where you can enjoy intense club football matches as well as international matches.

8. You will never be bored

While this may sound cliché, you will actually never get bored of London. This city has a wide range of tourists spots, museums, places with historical significance, as well, as amusement parks to offer. Whether you want to take a stroll amidst the greenery of the park or divulge in delicious foods – London is never going to disappoint you.

In conclusion

There is no denying that London has some great business schools where you can do your MBA. And while the living costs may be a bit higher than the rest of the European cities, London has a lot to offer which you cannot find anywhere else in the world.