A Better Year: Reducing Your Outgoings In 2023

Reducing Your Outgoings In 2023

Many people want to figure out ways to keep more money for themselves this year. This may, in part, be due to an increase in the price of different necessities, but also simply due to your aspirations for the next 12 months. To do so, you might want to consider the things in your house that are costing you a lot of money, and how they can be altered. Aspects outside the home may also need to be thought about so that you don’t waste your income unnecessarily.

Reducing Your Outgoings In 2023

Look into lighting

Look into lightingThe ways you use your lights could be a good first place to start when you want to start reducing your outgoings. Something as simple as remembering to turn off lights when you leave a room could save money off your bill each month. In addition to this, changing the types of lighting you use may also be of interest. Using energy-efficient LED strip lights, as opposed to lamps, or even dimmed lighting, may help to cut down energy use not as much energy is used with LED lights in comparison to other types. These may also, overall, be better for the work environment due to the reduction in energy used.

Walk instead of drive

Walk instead of drive

While it may be quicker for you to drive to locations, this could be costing you money, as well as be quite bad for the environment. For those shorter journeys, such as the school run or popping to the shops for only a couple of things, you might want to consider walking or cycling instead. While this can reduce the amount of money you spend on petrol or diesel, it may also be good for the world around you. Walking and cycling won’t produce any emissions whereas driving in your car certainly will. If you can’t avoid using transport to get to work, consider the bus or train to lower your carbon footprint.

Cook in different ways

Cook in different waysAlthough you may cook a range of delicious meals using your oven, this may cost you a lot more in gas or electricity than some of the other appliances you might own. In particular, the microwave may be cheaper for you to use, and still allow you to properly cook certain foods. Baked beans and even vegetables can still taste delicious when cooked this way. When preparing ingredients, you may want to keep the fridge door closed in between choosing items, so that the fridge doesn’t have to work harder to maintain its temperature when met with warmer air. Likewise, putting lids on pots and pans can retain the heat, again reducing the amount of energy needed.

Reducing your outgoings can involve looking into the ways you use your appliances and belongings, as well as how frequently they are used. In doing so, you may notice a few pounds shaved off each month or year. While this may not sound like a lot to start with, when you apply this across a wide range of items, that money can quickly add up.