Saving Energy and Money with Premium Plantation Shutters

Saving Energy and Money with Premium Plantation Shutters

According to the latest analyst estimates, fuel bills will rise on average by another 30% next year. Having already spiked significantly in 2021, now really is the time to take energy consumption seriously.

All of this could not be happening at a worse time. With winter well and truly on our doorsteps, elevated energy consumption at home is inevitable.

This is where a few simple yet effective lifestyle tweaks can combine to make a real difference. Turning off appliances when not in use, switching to energy-saving bulbs, turning down the thermostat a couple of degrees, or maybe just washing clothes at 30°C instead of 40°C.

When it comes to keeping as much warmth inside your home as possible for enhanced energy efficiency, nothing beats plantation shutters; an investment with the potential to pay for itself in the form of long-term renewable energy savings.

Energy-Efficient Alternatives to Curtains

Energy Efficient Alternatives to Curtains

Research has shown that precision-fitted plantation shutters are the most energy-efficient window coverings available. By creating a robust physical barrier between the indoors and outdoors, shutters can dramatically reduce heat loss.

The insulating effects of window shutters can be particularly beneficial during the winter when up to 30% of all heat generated indoors escapes through the windows. By stepping up to the highest quality timber shutters, you could be looking at a reduction in heat loss of more than 50%. Combined with quality double glazing, window shutters can reduce overall heat loss by as much as 75%.

All of which adds up to significant energy savings, both for this winter and for winters to come.

Plantation shutters in general can make a real difference to energy efficiency, but none more so than timber shutters. This is why wooden shutters have been trusted by households for centuries, nothing gets the job done better.

The naturally insulating properties of wood are great for trapping warm air indoors and keeping cold air at bay. As an added bonus, they can also help keep interior spaces cool and comfortable in the summer.

Expert Installation is Essential

Expert installation is essential

It is important to acknowledge the criticality of precise installation for maximum energy efficiency; plantation shutters are only effective when crafted from scratch to suit the exact requirements of any given opening. After which, they need to be installed with pinpoint precision to prevent gaps, draughts, and imperfections.

This is where expert installation comes highly recommended, even if the DIY enthusiast option is feasible. Along with ensuring your shutters are flawlessly installed you will also benefit from an extensive warranty.

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