How Technology and The Industry of Jewellery Collided?

How Technology and The Industry of Jewellery Collided

Technology has changed the world massively in recent years. The way we build cars, design clothes, and market our businesses. All of this has changed because of the technology we have today. Even the way that we consume our news is a lot different from what we used to do 50 years ago.

The jewellery industry is another sector that has been affected by technology. However, it is adapting a lot slower because you cannot beat the craftsmanship of a natural jewellery piece. Here are a few things that are changing in the jewellery industry with technology.



Shopping has changed quickly thanks to technology. Many people now will do most of their shopping online as they believe it is easier. It is so easy to find a product online and buy it within minutes, all in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, technology has moved a lot further from just buying products online.

Now, the shopping world can project images onto you so you can see how it looks. It is called augmented reality and, it is something that more and more jewellery brands are doing by the day. For example, if you wanted to see what a vintage engagement ring looked like on your hand. You can hold your phone over your hand to see what it looks like. Many fashions and jewellery brands are implementing augmented reality onto their business website. Making it irrelevant for you to physically go into jewellery stores.

3D Printers

3d Printers

3D printers have been around for a few years now. Moreover, 3D printers are still relatively new to the jewellery industry. Some people wouldn’t dare to buy jewellery that has been printed. However, some people are not that bothered that the jewellery doesn’t have those natural aspects that mined materials have.

There are many benefits when it comes to printing jewellery for a business. For starters, it is faster production compared to how traditional jewellery has been made in the past. The jewellery can be easily corrected as well if something has gone wrong. Jewellery in either gold, silver, copper, or brass is poured casting.

The process is simple as well when it comes to printing 3D jewellery. The buyer will choose the material and the preferred stones that they like. Another thing to mention with the process is how much money is saved on labor. Another thing to mention is the fact the buyer can watch every single step of it.

Benefits of 3D Printed Technology

Benefits of 3d printed technology

 The whole process from start to finish with the production of 3D printed jewellery. Firstly, the jewellery business software that is used with CAD/ CAM creates a digital file. This file eliminates any human error for jewellery. Once the 3D printer has printed the jewellery off, it is then crafted out of a thermoplastic mold.

Once the mold is completed, the metal that the customer chose is then poured into the mould. Once that has cooled down and set, the chosen gemstone will be added. It is like a build-a-bear workshop but with jewellery. The amount of money saved on labor helps a jewellery business massively and puts them in much bigger profit margins.

To Conclude

Jewellery has had a massive impact on the jewellery industry. However, there are many jewellery brands out there that are not using technology to their full potential. Jewellery brands could save a lot of money if they implemented these new trending technologies into their business.

Some people believe that they would prefer to try jewellery in person than see it through a screen. However, this could all change as more jewellery businesses start using this technology.