Why You Need a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine in Your Office?

Why You Need a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine in Your Office

Now may not seem like the ideal time to be talking about investing money in a coffee machine, but we’re confident that now is a perfect time.

There is a multitude of benefits a good quality bean-to-cup coffee machine brings to an office and we’re going to outline those benefits in this article.

We believe the investment in a bean-to-cup coffee machine will quickly provide a return, both financial and otherwise.

The benefits of bean-to-cup coffee machines

1. Coffee stimulates productivity

The stimulant properties of caffeine are well known, as are the benefits to productivity it brings. But the benefits go much further.

Few of us drink enough liquids, especially at work, and that can have a detrimental effect on us physically and psychologically. Fresh coffee can help with that.

Why You Need a Bean to Cup Coffee Machine in Your Office - Coffee stimulates productivity

The better fueled we are, the more productive we can be. Even decaf coffee and other drinks can help productivity by keeping staff feeling well.

Plus, getting up from the desk for a couple of minutes to get a coffee encourages staff to move around a little too, which can help with blood flow and also benefit productivity.

2. Improved morale

The past couple of years have been tough on everyone and the future could be equally challenging. Anything an employer can do to improve morale in the office can have a beneficial effect.

A bean to cup coffee machine can help with that.

It shows staff you’re investing in their wellbeing. That you appreciate that your workforce deserves high quality coffee and are worth looking after.

Then there’s the benefits of being able to catch up with colleagues for a couple of minutes at the coffee machine.

Right now with high inflation, we all have significant pressure on our finances. An office coffee machine that will produce high street quality drinks, will help your staff save money as they can replace their daily high street purchase with a coffee at the office. Your staff will undoubtedly appreciate this benefit which is worth far more to them than it costs to deliver.

3. Time efficiency

Time literally is money. In the 3-4 minutes it takes a kettle to boil, the average bean to cup coffee machine could deliver 6-10  cups of delicious fresh coffee or other hot drinks.

Time efficiency

That coffee will taste far superior and cost much less in electricity too. All while delivering a superior experience to staff.

It isn’t often there’s a win-win in an office, but this is one of those times!

4. Superior coffee experience

Ask staff in an average office what they would want to improve and one of the most popular answers will be the quality of the coffee.

It’s almost universal and yet is something that could be easily addressed with a bean to cup coffee machine.

Even the best instant coffee doesn’t taste that great. We use it because it’s convenient. Not because it’s cheap or because it tastes good.

A bean to cup coffee machine can deliver a coffee shop experience at a far lower price per cup than you might think.

5. Better and cheaper

Building on the above point slightly more, a bean to cup coffee machine may require an investment, whether you lease or buy, but the overall running costs should be much lower than a kettle.

Better and cheaper

A bean to cup coffee machine uses less electricity, makes a perfect cup of coffee in less time and doesn’t require thousands of watts every time it boils.

Use the right coffee supplier and you can utilise the highest quality coffee beans at a price that compares favourably with your instant too.

All while delivering a superior result.

6. It isn’t all about coffee

While we may find it difficult to believe, not everyone likes coffee. That’s why most quality bean to cup coffee machines will also serve other drinks too.

They can serve tea, hot chocolate and a range of other drinks too. You can cater to a wide variety of tastes and make sure nobody feels left out.

That way, you can provide delicious coffee to those who want it and provide equally appreciated options for those who don’t like coffee.

All from a single machine.

8. Ease of use

A bean to cup coffee machine delivers hot drinks at the touch of a button, or even contactless. Either way, it’s a convenient  way to get a fresh hot drink.

When we are busier than ever, with more going on than ever, it’s a genuine benefit to not have to think too much about the basics like getting a drink.

Ease of use

A bean to cup coffee machine is faster and safer to use than a kettle, works faster and delivers the perfect drink every time.

Greater than the sum of its parts

Finally, we think it worth highlighting that all the benefits here combine to create an office that’s buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. A workplace where staff feel valued and appreciate an employer willing to invest a little in their happiness and wellbeing.

While these feelings will have tangible benefits, they all combine to provide a little extra something. Something that helps create a happier place and improve workplace and somewhere staff want to excel.

For any office manager or business owner, that kind of workplace is well worth investing in!


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