WordPress Website Maintenance: Top 10 Tasks in 2022

WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress website maintenance is a priority task for your business. In recent days, most website owners don’t care about their site maintenance. If you do not maintain your website, then your business website will get bad performance.

How you can maintain your WordPress website? You would know the solution? Don’t worry. In this article, we have listed the best tips to maintain your WordPress website.

Why is WordPress Website Maintenance So Important?

Why is WordPress Website Maintenance So ImportantWordPress is the best CMS for web development, currently, there are over 455 million websites created in WordPress. It provides high-quality services to your business website. Anyone can develop their website easily without any technical knowledge. Here are some other benefits that include WordPress website maintenance.

  1. Good Website Security
  2. Improved Conversion Rate
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Grow your Business
  5. Measure Website Maintenance

Let’s move on to other things for website maintenance if your business site was developed with WordPress.

1. Regularly Backup Your Website

Regularly Backup Your WebsiteIt is an important thing for your website. If your website is corrupted or hacked, then you can easily deal with those incidents with your backup. You should backup the complete website without any data loss. And do check if the backup is working properly or not.

2. Update Application

You should always keep your eyes on WordPress CMS because that has many themes and plugins. So, plugin upgrading provides better security for your website. And also, it resolved the errors.

3. Check All Your WP Forms

Check All Your WP FormsForms are always used for visitors to send and receive business queries from your website. If WP forms do not work, you may lose your customers. If the WP form is not working, then check your hosting or WP email provider and fix that.

4. WordPress Database Optimize

Database optimization is an essential process for the entire website. Unwanted data can increase your website size and slow down your website performance. Please remember and delete the media files and additional plugins if you do not use them.

5. Run Performance Test

Run Performance TestThe Google speed test tool is a good source for checking your website performance. The performance results provide the core vitals of your website. Due to you should check your website performance every month.

6. Change All Passwords

I know regular password change is idiotic, but password protection helps to protect your website from phishing and Bruce force attacks. Nowadays, every WordPress expert advises business owners to change their passwords regularly. It includes not only the WP admin password; you should change FTP or SSH accounts.

7. Find and Fix 404 Errors

Find and Fix 404 Errors404 error codes are the status of the HTTP code. Sometimes, it shows an error message like, ‘server could not find your website page’, or they were ‘unavailable’ or technical issues. This error gives a bad experience for your business visitors. So you can find the error in your WordPress site database and solve that.

8. Find and Fix Broken Links

Adding an external link is an excellent method for your SEO. Sometimes external URLs are missed, changed, or expired. So, you should always check your external links when you have entered WordPress

9. SEO Audit

SEO AuditSEO audit is the most important part of your website maintenance. You can always check your campaigns using Google Analytics and Google Search console.

10. Image Optimization

If your images are not optimized properly, then it affects your website speed. No one should ever skip this process. Some visitors can upload large-size images without compression. Make sure you can check all your database images on a regular basis.


In this article, we have presented some tips for WordPress site maintenance. If you develop a new website or run an existing WordPress website, these checklists will help you.