Understanding Colour Psychology in Marketing and Branding

Colour Psychology in Marketing and Branding

Colour psychology is notable when it comes to marketing and branding. The colour represents the brand for customers. These days, a large number of companies have their logos and websites with particular Colours. Colour psychology is an important key for advertising your brand to the world. Here, let us take a deeper look at colour psychology.

What is Colour Psychology?

what is colour psychology

Colour psychology is a highly focusing subject in branding and marketing. It focuses on how colour attracts consumer feelings and emotions. If you are starting a new project or company, then you can study this colour psychology and attract your business or project customer.

Generally, colour evokes certain feelings and memories. If ex, blue indicates feeling and stability, yellow indicates warmth and peace.

How Does Colour Psychology Tie in with Marketing and Branding?

How Does Colour Psychology Tie in with Marketing and Branding

A useful digital marketing campaign connects your brand to the customer. It is also known as brand awareness. Colours make your company brand too valuable, then you can easily attract your audience and drive conversions.

Colours will help you make a Memorable Brand

Colours will help you make a Memorable Brand

Colour is an intensive tool for your branding. Customers will easily identify your brand due to the logo. For example, you can see the jaguar logo with a silver colour, you will immediately know what the car brand is.

Colours Can Improve Your Conversation Rate

Colour controls human activities in a particular area. For example, you will be in a signal, the red light will alert you to stop, the green light will alert you to go. If you put the right colour on your brand, you will be well-traveled by your customers in business.

Here we look at how colour represents popular brands.

1. Red

Red is one of the popular action colours in branding. If you think red, which brands come to your mind? Coco-cola, CNN, Nintendo, and Lego. These companies used red colour for their brand. If your audience can feel excitement, energy, and passion, you can use red in your brand.

2. Orange

Orange represents creativity, adventure, enthusiasm, success, and balance. If your brand focuses on these kinds of things, you can use orange. Here are some popular brands using orange for attracting their customers. Firefox, Jet airlines, Penguin random house.

3. Yellow

This colour is associated with sunshine. For example, you can see the sunshine, you can think of happiness, positivity, optimism, youthfulness, and summer. Now, you can think which brands used this yellow? Nikon, McDonald’s and Best Buy.

4. Pink

Pink is related to femineity, playfulness, and unconditional love. There is no argument in pink. Because, wedding invitations, spa companies are using pink. Barbie is a good example of pink.

5. White

White indicates innocence, goodness, cleanliness, and humility. Some e-commerce industries use white color for branding.

6. Black

Black is a common colour in every place. Many business industries use black colour for their business. Black represents mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication. The black colour is used in popular brands like Nike, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, and Jack Daniels.

7. Silver

Silver is a commonly warm colour. It represents neutrality and balance. Grey is not used in strong emotions. Apple and car companies have used silver for their logos.


Here we have learned how colour psychology is used in marketing and branding. So, it is an important factor in marketing strategies. If you start a new business or project yourself, you can focus on this colour theory and implement it.