Best Intelligent Marketing Analytics Tools for eCommerce Brands

Marketing Analytics Tools for eCommerce Brands

Intelligent marketing tools are evident for every e-commerce brand. In the e-commerce business, every brand has its own unique needs. All e-commerce metrics tools are the same in the view of business aspects. At a point, marketing analytic tools can take your business to the next level, and it helps you to achieve business goals.

Nowadays, e-commerce websites are growing, and they give good business services to customers. The e-commerce ecosystem is managing your data with more convenience, and it takes your brand to a high level with your business competitors.

Marketing analytic tools will understand your business strengths and weakness. Additionally, it manages your online marketing and sales activities. You will analyze your business performance with the help of these market analytics tools. Marketing analytics allows you to see the best and worst marketing strategies in business. So, you will be analyzing your business and making optimization.

Relationship Between Marketing Analytics and eCommerce

Growth is possible to measure and analyze customer activities rightly. You will be collecting your business data from any place with marketing tools. Future trends will help you make data-driven ideas to drive huge online sales.

Customer Lifecycle Stages and Important eCommerce Metrics

In an e-commerce business, the customer lifecycle stages are classified into 5 types.

There are,

  1. Discovery: It covers impression and engagement rates.
  2. Acquisition: It covers the metrics of CPA, CTR, and CPL.
  3. Conversion: It covers sales conversion, average order value, and card abandonment rate.
  4. Retention: It covers customer lifetime value (CLV) and churns rate.
  5. Advocacy: It covers net promoter score (NPC) and newsletter subscription rate.

Which are the Best eCommerce Analytics Tools?

Here is the list of best eCommerce analytic tools available on the market

  • Google Analytics
  • Adverity
  • Oribi
  • Hotjar
  • Kissmetrics
  • Klaviyo
  • Woopra

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the best tool for e-commerce business. You will track your e-commerce metrics, sales conversations, product performance, customer acquisition, customer behavior, and interest insights. This tool provides custom reports with visualization graphics. You will not miss the e-commerce activities in Google Analytics.


This is the fulfillment platform for all e-commerce brands. Adversity provides a comprehensive dashboard for you for tracking market data. It monitors your marketing ads spending and controls the marketing budget in your business.



Oribi is a code-free data analytics solution. It offers your databased marketing efforts. Oribi is a truly valuable analytic tool for your e-commerce brand. Here you will no need to waste your time on making conventional analytics. Oribi has measured your email campaigns and blog visitors. You can get a good idea of how specific activities affect your business conversions such as marketing efforts, channels, and content.


Hotjar is not specially developed for e-commerce brands. But you can analyze customer behavior, forecasting, and customer experiences. On the other side, it gives a result of how the customer has interacted with your online store. You can get an instant report of CTAs.



Kissmetrics is another wonderful solution for your e-commerce brand. It has an advanced reporting feature, and it covers all your sales, revenue, visitors’ conversation rate, and much more. And also, it provides the data history of customer purchased products and viewed history. If you use kissmetrics you can monitor all kinds of customer behaviors.


Klaviyo focuses on e-commerce-related email marketing and email automation. It analyses your email data and gives email open rates and clicks. You can analyze the metrics, campaigns, product performance at the Klaviyo dashboard. One of the good parts of Klaviyo is you can build your business benchmarks and business characteristics.



This platform manages and optimizes the customer journey in your e-commerce business. Woopra is the best customer journey analytic solution. Woopra tracks your website, products, and mobile applications. It offers one-click integration such as Marketo and Salesforce. Woopra provides comprehensive features to e-commerce business owners.

Final Point

Here you saw the best intelligent marketing tools for e-commerce businesses. If you have an e-commerce business, then use these tools and take your brand to the next level.