Custom Printed Labels – Loss Prevention and Theft Deterrence

Custom Printed Labels Loss Prevention and Theft Deterrence

It is a well-known fact that printed labels can be great for presenting products in an attractive light and building brand recognition. They can also be hugely impactful marketing materials while representing an affordable alternative to conventional packaging.

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But what many retailers overlook is the potential for custom printed labels to enhance security. Loss prevention and theft deterrence is a priority for most, which begins with taking simple steps to protect your products. With this in mind, here are a few examples of custom printed labels that can contribute to safety tips:

Custom Printed Labels

Hologram Labels

Hologram Labels

There are two major benefits to hologram product labels. Firstly, they look fantastic and present an image of quality and credibility. Secondly, they cannot be reproduced and can therefore be effective in preventing counterfeiting. Holographic images can be printed onto a variety of different types of sticky labels, giving your products an air of prestige while keeping them safe.

Destructible Labels

This is an extremely effective label for deterring potential theft, which has been trusted by retailers worldwide for decades. It is a relatively simple concept, wherein a comparatively fragile label is paired with a super-strong adhesive.  This results in a label that is impossible to remove, without leaving some kind of residue or fragments of the label behind. Something that can prevent the fraudulent re-use of your labels, or the outright removal of labels to facilitate theft.

UV & Thermal Inks

UV and Thermal Inks

The use of UV and thermal inks is a tried and trusted counterfeit prevention measure. Choose the right colour shifting inks, invisible UV inks and fluorescing inks can be added to just about any surface, in order to ensure that it is genuine.  To the naked eye, these specialist inks are completely invisible and are undetectable to the touch. Under the appropriate light, they become clearly visible and can be used to instantly verify the authenticity of the product or label.

Tamper Evident

These innovative security seals will be familiar to anyone who has purchased a smartphone or similar mobile device as of late. These also exist within the casing of a laptop, games console or TV. These are the kinds of labels that leave behind a pattern or text when removed, indicating that they have been tampered with. After which, it is impossible for the label to be reapplied to hide the evidence of tampering. The pattern or message can be customised in a variety of ways, as can the size and specification of the labels.

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