Solicitors In Manchester – Best 10 In The City

Solicitors in Manchester Top 10 Solicitors

From buying a house to getting a divorce, you may need to hire a lawyer in a variety of scenarios. Because these are generally stressful situations, it’s critical to locate a lawyer with whom you can have a positive working connection. A solicitor, in general, is their initial point of contact in any legal matter and may also function as their legal representative.

A properly certified solicitor can give you the experienced legal knowledge and professional expertise you need to deal with some of life’s most crucial issues, such as:

  • Their residence
  • Their loved ones
  • Their company
  • In general, their life

And so much more. In a general rule, you might never know when you need a solicitor, and how handy they can be. And that begs the question, What should I look for in a good lawyer?

Because there are so many distinct types of law, many lawyers specialise in one or two, such as conveyancing, divorce, or legal disputes. As a result, you need to exercise special caution when selecting an attorney to ensure that you pick one that has the required knowledge for their situation.

Don’t assume that the same lawyer who helped you buy their home would be able to handle their divorce as well (although they may be). Always double-check their credentials and inquire about their relevant experience – it’s their right as a consumer. But to make their strenuous task a bit easier, they have compiled a list of who easily qualifies as top solicitors in Manchester, and why, so you can choose the one that best fits you.

Top 10 Solicitors in Manchester

1. Vardags


Vardags is a leading UK legal practice with offices in London’s financial district and obtains the best possible results in their case. Caroline Graham, a well-recognised business solicitor with 25 years of experience, leads the Corporate Team.

From mergers and acquisitions to investment and shareholder agreements, share buybacks and capital reductions to complicated group reorganisations, and commercial building contract evaluations to dispute resolution, they have experience in all aspects of corporate law. Vardags also provides SMEs with specialised corporate guidance.

2. Cuttle & Co

Cuttle & Co

Cuttle & Co Solicitors says that they understand that life does not always go as planned. Like humans, they all have occasions when they want assistance and guidance from specialists in their fields.

That is why Cuttle & Co is here to assure you get the expert advice and support you rightly deserve. Cuttle & Co’s legal staff of criminal and family attorneys is something they are very proud of as a practice. The majority of their lawyers are higher rights advocates, which means they can handle matters from magistrates’ courts to Crown Courts and beyond. Cuttle’s attorneys and legal support workers are always professional, courteous and easy to work with.

3. Kuits Solicitors

Kuits Solicitors

Kuits is a renowned business law company situated in Manchester’s city centre that is listed on the UK200. They aim to help small businesses, their owners, and high-net-worth individuals develop and succeed in the North.

They provide reliable legal and commercial assistance. Describing us as “fast to reply,” “diligent,” and “thorough and knowledgeable,” Kuits makes sure to provide more than the customer expectation. The standard approach is to engage closely with customers to fully comprehend their requirements and goals, and then deliver the best advice possible.

The main goal is to develop connections with the client and eventually become a valued counsel. As a result, all of their customers have access to top personnel who will apply their knowledge and experience to discover novel solutions to complicated legal and business issues.

4. Austin Kemp

Austin Kemp

Their primary area of expertise is representing high-net-worth clients, and understanding the amount of secrecy that this necessitates, particularly for those in the public glare. Their lawyers are familiar with dealing with divorces.

Austin Kemp prides itself on being the finest in their area, and thus solely practises divorce and family law. Having a specific emphasis ensures that they are always on top of their game and are aware of any new developments in case law that may benefit the clientele’s case. Austin Kemp recognises the sensitivity and emotion that can accompany legal disputes involving family members, and keep this in mind throughout the case. Child custody cases in which numerous assets are located outside of the United States, or where one of the parties is located outside of the United States.

5. Clarke Willmott

Clarke Willmott

Clarke Willmott is proud of their private client offering in Manchester. They are a group of dedicated, driven, and passionate individuals that like collaborating to provide practical, strategic, and timely legal advice to their clients.

They are unique in that they can provide family and private client services in addition to their business experience. They’ve been doing it for over a century, assisting their customers and their families in organising their affairs and money to give financial stability and a higher quality of life in the future. The Legal 500, a directory that provides extensive international coverage on recommended law firms, lawyers, attorneys, advocates, solicitors, and barristers, lists several of their partners as ‘Recommended Lawyer’ or ‘Leading Individual’ in their industry.

6. JMW Solicitors

JMW Solicitors

The team of residential solicitors at JMW Solicitors is to ensure that buying a new home is a stress-free experience and a wise investment. They have extensive knowledge in all aspects of house buying and selling.

They will give you the expert advice you need to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. JMW’s legal team provides a broad range of legal services and can provide professional guidance on critical processes.

7. TM Fortis

TM Fortis

The team of experienced residential conveyancing attorneys at TM Fortis Solicitors in Manchester understands the stress that comes with buying or selling a home, with an endeavour to make the process as simple, hassle-free, and uncomplicated as possible.

8. Versus Law

Versus Law

Versus Law Solicitors, situated in Didsbury, Manchester, specialises in residential and commercial property management, litigation, personal injury, compensation claims, housing disrepair, travel delays, and holiday illness claims.

They take pleasure in the level of service they deliver, having over 10 years of expertise. They go above and above for their clients, assisting them at every step of the way to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. Versus Law Solicitors is dedicated to providing its clients with the best possible service.

9. Mason & Co Solicitors

Mason & Co Solicitors

Mason and Co’s attorneys can offer a wide range of legal advice, and as experienced conveyancing solicitors, they can supply you with a lot of information if you’re buying or selling a home.

Mason and Co have a plethora of expertise with everything from conveyancing to litigation, divorce to prenuptial agreements as family law solicitors in Altrincham. They strive to give the finest family law legal counsel to all customers, with a particular focus on providing a mediation service for couples who are unable to make significant choices on their own. Mason & Co Solicitors assures that they are dedicated to providing the best quality of service while remaining cost-effective and timely.

10. Martin & Co

Martin & Co

Martin & Co, a leading Manchester employment law firm, is one of just a few attorneys who specialise in employment law. As specialist employment attorneys, they can stay on top of changes in this complicated area of law.

Martin & Co has been advising both employees and employers on all aspects of employment law since 1999, and no other firm of employment solicitors in Manchester or the north-west has our track record when it comes to getting results in all aspects of employment law, whether it is a settlement agreement, an unfair dismissal claim, a discrimination claim, a redundancy or a disciplinary matter and offer services at prices that typical Manchester law companies cannot match.

With the top ten list in front of you, you have complete flexibility to pick the solicitor who best meets your needs. Legal concerns aren’t easy to deal with, but with these attorneys on your side, you can be confident that they’ll be handled properly while looking forward to the future ahead.