Best Email Marketing Tools for E-Commerce

email marketing tools for ecommerce

Many marketing tools help with an e-commerce business. Email marketing tools are the best solution for achieving business sales. And it is the traditional way to send information to the customer. This article helps you choose the best email marketing software for e-commerce businesses.

In recent days, social media marketing tools have overtaken email marketing software. However, email marketing tools deliver true ROI and value for retailers, online store owners, and digital marketers.

What are Email Marketing Services?

What are Email Marketing ServicesEmail marketing includes a wide range of digital marketing techniques and strategies. So, new business brands are confused about choosing the right email marketing software. In Business, email marketing means it helps send email to the subscribers that includes product details, offers, discounts, and much more. On the other hand, they are newsletters or transactional emails. If you are a business owner, you can choose the right email marketing platforms and then inform everyone about business-related queries. The latest email marketing tools are working with AI-Powered solutions, so it is raising business revenue and reducing the cost.

Benefits of Email Marketing Tools

Here are the benefits of Email Marketing tools, if you have an eCommerce platform,

  • Generates automated email
  • Provides multiple email templates
  • Helps to get targeted profiles like location, and past purchases.
  • Decreases the marketing costs
  • Good contact with business customers
  • Helps with sharable contents
  • Monitoring the email deliverability
  • Reaching a global audience

5 Best Email Marketing Tools

  1. Infobip
  2. HubSpot
  3. Plezi
  5. Constant Contact

1. Infobip


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Infobip is one of the powerful email marketing platforms. It is a big part of a communication platform for your e-commerce industry. Infobip provides a comprehensive dashboard for you. So, you can easily manage all your email campaigns in a single place. Additionally, it offers personalization features. According to features, you can create sophisticated and contextualized emails.

2. HubSpot


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It is a famous and free email marketing platform that provides various types of solutions and strategies for e-commerce businesses. In the market, you can be anyone, for example, a business owner, a retailer, or a marketing person although you can easily manage your email campaigns without the need for any code. HubSpot provides a wide range of global templates to users. So users can easily customize the templates and CTAs with the help of a drag and drop editor. Another important feature is it offers A/B testing.

3. Plezi


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Plezi is the most powerful marketing automation solution. It delivers automated and intelligent marketing campaigns to e-commerce owners. It will automatically categorize your target audience. If you are a beginner, this is the best email marketing platform for your great start. Plezi offers many templates and customizations to users, so it covers open rates, conversion rates, and some metrics.


BigMailer io

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The BigMailer is one of the cloud-based email marketing platforms. So it offers bulk email transactions. You can send and receive bulk emails. BigMailer has a simple dashboard. If you are a subscriber, then you can easily manage an extensive contact list easily.

5. Constant Contact

Constant ContactImage – Source

It is the best email marketing tool for e-commerce that helps to create an effective email campaign and achieve business goals. You can do many operations in Constant Contact such as creating and designing emails, customizing email templates, data analysis, and so on.


E-commerce business operations are generally unique. You can choose one of the email marketing tools that suit your e-commerce business’s financial position and get benefits.

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