Best YouTube Keyword Tools in 2022

Youtube Keyword Tools

YouTube is the leading video platform, and it is an essential app on every android and IOS device. This is the second largest search engine near Google. If you can use a mobile or PC, you can easily watch and share your videos anywhere with the help of network support.

YouTube has two types of users such as,

Video Creator: Users can shoot and upload their own videos for marketing, earning, advertising, and so on.

Video Viewer: Users can watch and subscribe to the YouTube channels.

Benefits of YouTube

YouTube has many business benefits, but here we provide some common benefits,

  • Free to use
  • Gives you the chance to make money through your videos
  • Delivers an easy and simple interface
  • Simple and easy way to share videos
  • Helps to boost your SEO

YouTube algorithm watches these statistics from users,

  1. What are they?
  2. why they do not watch?
  3. How much time do they spend watching your video?
  4. Which types of videos do users like and dislike?
  5. What they are not interested in?

What is YouTube Keyword Research?

What is YouTube Keyword ResearchGenerally, the term of Keyword research is an SEO practice to find the relevant search terms based on users. YouTube keyword research is the process of identifying the search keywords from the users. Finding the keyword is a little bit difficult task to get the right keyword, so some online tools provide the solutions for them. In this article, we provide 8 YouTube keyword tools for users to easily find your video content.

Why Are YouTube Keywords Important?

YouTube Keyword is important for receiving your video content in front of the audience. So optimizing video content is the best way for YouTube marketing and your brand awareness.

8 Best YouTube Keyword Tools in 2022

1. TubeBuddy


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It is a free Chrome browser extension of the Google search engine, and it is directly linked to YouTube. It helps you to find long-tail keywords. According to that, you can easily optimize your videos.

Price: Pro version – $7.20/month, Star Version $15.20/month, Legend version -$39.20/month


Keywordtool io

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This is the next good tool that delivers comprehensive lists of keyword categories such as keyword suggestions, questions, prepositions, and hashtags. unlimited features are not available in the free version.

Price: Pro Basic Version – $68/year

3. VidIQ


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It is similar to TubeBuddy, and it is also an extension of the chrome browser. It provides the best YouTube keyword option. VidIQ helps with improving content searchability. If you search a particular keyword, this extension provides the search volume, overall score, keyword-related queries, keyword stats, and so on. The free version is also available with certain features.

Price: Pro plan – $7.50/month.

4. YouTube Autosuggest

YouTube Autosuggest

It is one of the simple methods that provides a great resource for optimizing your video content. You can choose your keyword with the help of drop-down menus on the Youtube search bar.

Price: Free

5. Google Trends

Google Trends

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Google Trends is another free and great tool for YouTube keyword research. You can choose the relative and popularity of keywords, and it offers current topics based on keywords.

Price: Free

6. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahref Explorer

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It is a famous tool that has been used by a wide range of digital marketers and YouTubers. There are more than 640 million YouTube keywords available on Ahrefs. It provides the keywords from 10 different search engines

Price: starting at $99/month.

7. KeywordKeg


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The keyword Keg is one of the great tools that provide the results like search volume, Google AdWords cost per click, and much more.

Price: Costs- $40-$280/month (complete Package)

8. Kparser


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It is a simple tool for international users. Anyone can search for keywords based on their location. It provides basic features for free users. If you plan to use all the features, then you can buy a premium.

Price: Plan – $4.99/month


Here we have discussed the 8 best YouTube keyword tools. If you try to become a YouTube keyword expert, the above tools are a good choice for you.

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