How You Can Enhance The Departments Of Your Medium-Sized Business?

How You Can Enhance The Departments Of Your Medium Sized Business

As your business grows into a medium-sized business, you may find that you need to start taking on more responsibilities. In some cases, it may be that you need to open up new departments or upgrade your current ones to meet the new demand.

It can seem overwhelming to know where to begin with this evolution. Fortunately, we have put together this guide to explain the different ways you can enhance certain departments within your business. Read on to get started.

Ways To Enhance The Departments Of Your Medium-Sized Business

Finance Department

The finance department can be broken down into different sections within your organisation. Indeed, it’s likely they are operating a range of different tasks, undertaking a number of key responsibilities. Your finance team may be in charge of business accounts, including record keeping and reports, and may have to deal with general expenses.

How You Can Enhance The Departments Of Your Medium Sized Business - Finance department

When you start to become a larger business, it will become all the more important that you make them aware of any payments within the business, both incoming and outgoing. They will likely be your first port of call if there are any financial concerns.

You should speak to your current finance team to find out what they need in order to improve their processes. This will likely come in the form of new automated financial software. Some finance departments may also be in charge of employee payroll, but that is often left to HR, which will be covered in the next section.

HR Department

Your human resources department will remain just as important as you grow, except there will likely be more employees to look after. As the rest of your business grows, you will need to ensure your HR team is equipped for the responsibility. This could mean hiring top-notch employees who can work as HR staff, or it could mean upgrading the processes that they use. Ideally, it will likely be both of these points.

HR Department

Some of the software you use will come in the shape of holiday allowance, payroll, general time tracking, and performance management, attendance system. There will be more software applicable to HR departments that is to do with their day-to-day tasks.

As there can be quite the variation in the amount of software that can benefit your HR department, it may be worth your time working with an HR software UK specialist who can incorporate all of them into one single place. Factorial can provide you with this HR software and even features an employee portal that can help them access their personal information and relevant work documents. HR software for SMEs such as this can save your HR department up to 30% of the time they spend on repetitive tasks, allowing the department to develop a more people-focused approach.

Marketing Department

Another important department that can often lead to a business’s ongoing success is the marketing department. A poorly led marketing campaign can often turn away new customers as well as existing ones. Of course, on the flip side of this, a successful marketing campaign can help elevate your company to new people and impress your current customers.

You can create marketing campaigns in-house, or you could outsource them. Successful companies may utilise both of these in order to spread more awareness of campaigns and reach more people. Some of the more popular modern-day marketing forms come from social media.

Marketing department

If you haven’t yet got on top of your social media, then you should make that a priority within your marketing and branding department. If you create social media accounts, you should be aware that you can make business-specific accounts.

These business-specific accounts will offer you different benefits compared to a personal ones. For example, with most, you will be able to view analytical data that gives insight into what content is being viewed by customers, and what is being ignored. This analysis of social media will be a powerful tool for your marketing department, so you should encourage them to set them up. Remember to ensure that your social media follows your company’s house style and that you support your team with the brand’s core message.

Customer Service

An often-overlooked business area comes from the customer service department. Oftentimes, a customer may choose a business that has a slightly less quality product/service over a better one, purely because of the customer service. Poor customer service can ruin a business’s reputation, which is why you should invest in this department to help enhance it.

Customer Service

You can improve this department by applying more training and regulation. Ensure that does that are running the show are up to the task. It can be a difficult department to run, so you should keep a close eye and bring in the experienced customer service staff to help steady the ship.

There may also be improvements to the technology you can implement. For your customer service employees, you could upgrade their VoIP handsets so that they can clearly speak to customers and clearly hear what they’re saying back.