Expert Carpet Cleaning in London

Expert Carpet Cleaning in London

Carpet cleaning services are a great way of breathing new life into your carpets. Whether your carpets are several years old, or relatively new, carpet cleaning can bring them back to life. This cleaning service is ideal for use with other cleaning services like deep cleans or end of tenancy cleans, for example. However, they are also a stand alone cleaning service that many people across London take advantage of to keep their home or business looking excellent.

What is carpet cleaning?

Carpet cleaning, sometimes called carpet shampooing, utilises a specially designed carpet cleaning machine. This machine pushes cleaning solution deep into the pile of your carpet, uses brushes to massage your carpet, and then draws out the cleaning solution and any dust and grime in the carpet.

What is carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is like taking a bucket of cleaning solution and a brush to your carpet; only the machine does all of the hard work for you. Using air, it pushes the cleaning solution down into the fibres of your carpet. The brushes then move over the carpet and agitate the solution and the dust and grime. More air is then used to suck everything out of the carpet.

How does carpet cleaning differ from vacuuming?

Vacuuming your carpet does a great job of keeping the surface dust, grime and hair at bay. Vacuuming regularly ensures that your carpets stay cleaner for longer. And this means you may only need to use carpet cleaning business services sparingly.

However, most vacuums cannot reach deep into the carpet and reach the trapped dust and grime. They simply don’t have the power to draw out all of the stuck-in dirt.

How does carpet cleaning differ from vacuuming

A carpet cleaning machine, on the other hand, does. It has a massive motor that creates a lot of airflow and huge brushes that can get deep in the pile of any carpet.

As the carpet cleaning machine runs over your carpet, it forces air and cleaning solution down deep into the pile. The brushes agitate the solution, and this breaks down the stuck-on dirt and grime. Finally, the carpet and flooring cleaning machine draws all of the cleaning solution and dirt back into the machine, leaving it clean and fresh again. From there, regular vacuuming sessions will keep your carpet looking great for a while.

Domestic carpet cleaning in London

Domestic carpet cleaning services are mostly used by people getting deep cleans or end of tenancy cleans. They are a great way of getting your carpets looking fantastic again. However, a lot of people in London use carpet cleaning to preserve the look of new carpets too. New carpets can fade quite quickly, particularly in homes with kids and pets. So, by using a carpet cleaning service every year or so, you can prolong the colours of your carpets and keep them looking, feeling and smelling fresh for much longer.

Carpet cleaning services can also massively help with allergies. Any pollen or bacteria trapped in your home’s carpet can be risky if someone in the home has allergies, and carpet cleaning can get rid of everything.

Commercial carpet cleaning in London

Businesses use commercial carpet cleaning services more frequently than homeowners. This is because clean carpets give a great first impression to their customers. It says that a business takes care of the smaller details and that they care about what its customers think.

Commercial carpet cleaning in London

We clean a lot of carpets in businesses across London, including in businesses like:

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Car showrooms
  • Both indoor and outdoor restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Retail spaces
  • Offices

Many of our commercial customers use our carpet cleaning services to preserve the look of their expensive carpets and make a great impression on their customers. Other use them after building or renovation work to put the final touches on their business before opening their doors to their customers. Other businesses take advantage of carpet cleaning when they have just moved into a space, and the carpets are looking a bit old and sad.

The carpets of your business say a lot to your customers. If there are stains and dirt covering your entire space, it can speak volumes about your business. Carpet cleaning can keep your carpets looking excellent and ensure the impression your customers get of your business is the exact one you want them to have.

When should I get carpet cleaning?

When should I get carpet cleaning

A great way to tell if you need your carpet cleaned or not is to move your furniture and take a look at the carpet underneath. If you notice that the carpet underneath your furniture is a different colour, this shows that your carpet is in need of cleaning. There is built-up dirt and grime in the carpet that won’t come out with vacuuming alone.

If you feel your business or home needs carpet cleaning services, we can help. Get in touch with Cleaning Express today for a quote on carpet cleaning for your home or business. We can be with you as quickly as tomorrow and get your carpet looking fantastic again.