Family Law Solicitors – Top 10 in UK

Family Law Solicitors Top 10 in UK

Legal matters within the family can be a shocking and distressing moment for everyone involved. One can be riddled with doubts, uncertainty, confusion the moment things start to go wrong. Whether you’re going through a divorce, and have to settle on separation agreements, child arrangements, family settlements, or any other issues, you will need to employ the assistance of a family law solicitor to reduce the emotional burden and guide you through the process.

To make your job easier, and help you choose the correct solicitor for you based on your needs and interests, we have compiled a list of the top 10 family law solicitors in the UK, so make sure that you go through it.

Top 10 Family Law Solicitors in UK

1. GloverPriest Solicitors

GloverPriest Solicitors

Glover priest solicitors have a highly professional and skilled team of lawyers specialized in family law and can help as well as support you through these tough times through their vast and extensive knowledge.

They recognize that each case is unique and are responsive and sensitive about the needs of each client and specific case. With a free initial consultation, you can gather information and ask for assistance across multiple issues such as:-

  • Divorce
  • Child custody and maintenance
  • Civil partnerships
  • Separation agreements
  • Cohabiting, etc

2. Tozers LLP

Tozers LLP

With decades of experience within the industry and multiple offices branched out across the country, Tozers is a member of Resolution, which is the professional body for family lawyers and cases.

Recognized for their efforts by The Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners, you can rest assured that the team of Tozers knows what they’re doing and can carry out such cases with much-needed sensitivity and attention along with providing:-

  • Identification of issues
  • Predict the duration of the process
  • Costs involved
  • Pairing you with the most suitable team member
  • And finding the best possible solution

3. Marsden Rawsthorn Solicitors

Marsden Rawsthorn

When bad comes to worse in legal family matters, the guidance and advice from a dedicated legal expert are significantly helpful. They advocate for an amicable resolution of matters, without any legal or court interference.

But also offer and help with collaborative law resolutions in necessary cases. Unlike other family solicitors, Marsden Rawsthorn offers additional aid with:-

  • International conflicts concerning children and other property management
  • Representation of grandparents and other relatives
  • They also offer services in Gujarati, Urdu, and Polish

4. UK Family Law Solicitors

UK Family Law Solicitors

When going through a divorce or separation, the highest priority is with the welfare of the child or the children that are involved. UK family law solicitors help clients gain the best possible outcome that is in the best interests of the children as well.

Each case is approached with a holistic and personalized method, and additional guidance concerning the following are also given:-

  • Accommodation for children after separation
  • Splitting up of time between each parent
  • The school to go for
  • Appropriate medical treatment, if the need arises

5. Slater Heelis Solicitors

Slater Heelis

They keep you in touch throughout the process, so that you are aware of every step and procedure that is undertaken all through the case. The specialist team of Slater Heelis Solicitors offers clear and cost-effective advice.

Guidance when it comes to family law issues such as:-

  • Child arrangements
  • Family meditation
  • Domestic abuse and violence
  • Inheritance conflicts and disputes
  • International divorce
  • Financial settlements, and more

6. Sills & Betteridge

Sills & Betteridge

Not only do they work to minimize the emotional and financial impact on you, but they also have a team of trained mediators and collaborative lawyers, that advocate for peaceful settlements outside the court hearings.

Taking pride as one of the largest family, divorce, and childcare law firms, across three provinces and more than ten cities, Sills and Betteridge boasts of a team of specialists lawyers that have the necessary skills and expertise in all areas of family law. Their efforts and successes have been recognized and accredited by The Law Society’s Children Panel and by the Resolution.

7. Boys and Maughan

Boys and Maughan

Recognized as a leading family law team by the legal 500, Boys and Maughan is one of the most well-respected and experienced family law firms in East Kent. Their skilled services and experienced lawyers.

Offer guidance and assistance in three separate areas:-

  • Matrimonial and Relationship conflicts and advice
  • Public and Private children law advice
  • Personal protection from occupational health hazards, molestations, and forced marriages

8. Samuel Phillips Law

Samuel Phillips Law

Renown for handling high-value and complex divorce and separation matters, their team of professional layers can provide families with the much-needed stability and reassurance to reach a peaceful conclusion that suits everyone involved.

Due to their highly capable and team and credible testimonials, Samuel Phillips has been widely recognized as one of the leading family law teams and firms in North-East England. They recognize the individuality and uniqueness of each case and offer a well-tailored package that is aligned with the client’s needs and circumstances.

9. Johnson Astills

Johnson Astills

If you want some empathetic but straightforward legal advice and guidance, then Johnson Astills is the team for you. Branching across Leicestershire and the East Midlands from their local offices.

These capable lawyers help and support individuals and families in reaching successful conclusions in the event of a relationship breakdown or abuse within the relationship. In addition to the usual divorce and separation matters, Johnson Astills also caters to protection and resolution of the following such as:-

  • Female genital mutilation
  • Forced marriage
  • Adoption and conception through donor

10. Southgate Solicitors

Southgate Solicitors

Southgate solicitors work as a dual entity handling both, law firms and family law referral networks for partnerships and mediators. They deal exclusively with divorce and family law matters, and with their assistance.

You can be assured of:-

  • A free initial discussion
  • Personalized and well-tailored service
  • Cost-effective and you can set a budget with no hidden fees
  • Gain the advice and assistance of a qualified solicitor for their case


Life is always full of ups and downs. And as such, having a fallout or separation in relationships is nothing to be ashamed of. Though it is a distressing matter, if the situations were unfavourable then it is a much better option to go your separate ways than deal with the toxicity and make others around you suffer along. Dealing with the process of separation and other family law matters can be difficult and complex. But with the assistance of the right solicitor, you can be assured of proper engagement and legal guidance throughout the process.


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