How to invest in Bitcoin in the UK?

how to invest in bitcoin uk

Investing in cryptocurrency nowadays is quite an easy process. You can find an immense number of platforms and apps that let you start trading in crypto. Choose wisely and start trading in crypto. Today we will discuss how you can invest in Bitcoin in the UK.

How to Invest in Bitcoins in the UK?

Some of the easy methods to start investing in BTC are:

Choose an Unregulated Online Broker

Choosing an online broker to invest in BTC is worth your investment to make money. However, the disadvantage of choosing an online broker is that laws do not govern unregulated online brokers.

choose an unregulated online broker

It will be better if you consider the pros and cons of every BTC broker before you shortlist for investing.

Choose a Regulated Broker

As per research and surveys, choosing a Regulated Broker to invest in BTC has been proved the best investment way in Cryptocurrency. It’s because a regulated Broker is governed by laws and is a valid provider whose prime duty is the security and protection of the client’s assets.

Investing through a regulated broker ensures that your investment is safe and complete transparency is followed while trading.

Investment using Cryptocurrency Exchange

Globally people can have Crypto exchanges with you. Their verification is not required. Hence, it becomes difficult to figure out whether the deals are legitimate or not. Here, your capitals, BTC, are at risk. So, it is not advised to invest by Cryptocurrency exchange. 


The UK has more than 200 Bitcoin ATMs. Remarkably, the major ones are located in London. You can follow the steps given below to buy BTC from a BTC ATM nearby:

  • You will be prompted to follow some instructions displayed on the screen.
  • First, you will have to input the number of pounds that you want to use for buying BTC.
  • Then, the ATM will display the amount of BTC you could fetch from it, excluding the fees, service charges, and additional taxes whatsoever applied.
  • If you’re okay with the exchange rate of BTC, then you can deposit pounds in the ATM.
  • The BTC ATM will generate a receipt guiding you to transfer those BTC into your wallet.
  • The good part is that several Bitcoin ATMs have the facility of scanning your BTC wallet address. In such a case, your BTC fetch is directly transferred to your wallet.
  • Moreover, the disadvantage of Crypto ATMs to invest in BTC is its relatively higher fees. Some even charge as much as 15% of the transaction value.

P2P Platforms

P2P exchanges in the online space enable you to trade BTC rapidly, and other users are eliminating the need for a medium.

However, the method is risky as it does not provide security against fraud and scammers. A person who has never provided you with BTC may receive your money.

Invest in Bitcoin Stocks

A majority of the traders investing in the UK directly invest in BTC. However, investing indirectly in BTC is also possible in Bitcoin Sticks.

 how to invest in bitcoin uk - invest

Here, you have to invest in companies that have invested in BTC for the process. One popular method to invest in BTC stocks is via Coinbase.

Invest in Bitcoins in the UK- The Complete Guide

If you are an amateur trader in the Crypto Markets, then you will need a detailed guide for your understanding to invest in BTC in the UK. Below listed is the detailed guide to invest in BTC in the UK by choosing a Regulatory Broker:

Open a BTC Investment Account: 

According to user experience, eToro is known to be the #1 Regulatory Online Broker that you can use for investing in Bitcoins. The FCA regulates it, will charge you lower fees, and is simple to use. So, we will display the guide as per the eToro platform.

To get started, follow the steps below:

  • Open the eToro Website.
  • Search, navigate and then click on the Join Now Button to open an account on eToro.
  • You will be prompted to fill out a registration form. The form will record your name, mobile number, email address. Moreover, you will have to create a username and password.
  • The username and password, once put into action, will be your login credentials each time you visit eToro.
  • Then you will be prompted to the next page, wherein you’ll have to fill in your additional details.
  • You have to input your residential address, date of birth (D.O.B.), and your National Insurance Number.

To Start Investing, Upload Your ID:

After you have created your eToro account, you can start buying BTC. But before that, you’ll need to upload your I.D., like a copy of your driving license. Then you can deposit or withdraw a high amount of funds. Completing the Know-Your-Customer (KYC ) process eliminates a massive amount of investment and trade limitations.

Deposit Funds in your eToro Investment Account: 

Before any investment in BTC, you must have funds in your eToro Investment Account. For that, you’ll have to transfer money into your account. You can transfer by varied options like Paypal, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, and more.

deposit in etoro

However, you need to have a minimum deposit in your eToro account. Also, you will be charged some transaction fees of up to 0.5%.

Navigate to the Bitcoin’s Investment Page on eToro:

With the above method, you must have transferred money to your eToro Investment Account. Now, you’re all set to invest in BTC. For that, navigate to the website’s Investment Page.

You will see a Search Bar on the top of the page—type “Bitcoin” in it and press Enter. Select and view the top search result. Now, click on the Trade button.

The Final Step

You will now see an order box pop up on your screen. Here you will be required to input the amount you want to invest in BTC. All the Crypto exchange platforms, including eToro, have a minimum investment value.

After inputting the value, click the Open Trade button, and your BTC investment will be completed.

After completing the process, eToro will invest your funds in BTC through the most profitable deal available abruptly. BTC will then be stored on your eToro Portfolio until you don’t want to sell them.

Choosing to invest in BTC UK seems a complex thing. But you can check your prerequisites to decide the best online broker, according to you.

Like if you’re an amateur trader, then you should use Coinbase. If you want the best platform Overall, then eToro and bitcoin era site are the best. If you wish to have a Low-Cost Broker, OKEx will be the preferred one!