Where to Buy Bitcoin UK? – Top 10 Places

where to buy bitcoin uk

Top 10 Places to Buy Bitcoin in the UK

Buying BTC is the smartest choice you can make as a trader in the UK. However, it may be challenging to find the best place to buy it. But what factors should you consider while buying BTC in the UK? You should consider Fees, Liquidity, Speed, Accessibility, and Location while buying BTC in the UK.

Different places, different Crypto exchange platforms, and methods have additional fees that it charges while buying BTC in the UK. So before you proceed to buy, you should read it well. You must also select an exchange platform that accepts your nation’s currency to avoid excess fees.

Liquidity is the number of Bitcoins that the exchange will sell before the rates’ fluctuations. You should select the one having a considerable trading volume as it means greater liquidity.

where to buy bitcoin uk

Speed is another vital parameter to consider while selecting a place to buy BTC. For effective transactions, you need to have good speed. Moreover, it is preferable to consider a platform that quickly transfers your BTC to your account.

You have to decide the Accessibility at your convenience. Like as you are comfortable with a PC-based platform, a mobile-based,  or you will physically go to the place. Make sure to select one at convenience for seamless trading in your style.

According to the parameter, we have shortlisted the top 10 places to buy BTC in the UK:

1. eToro

Whether you’re a newbie Crypto trader or an experienced one, eToro has various features. The features enable it to Top in the list of Best Crypto platforms. The eToro Crypto exchange platform is an online broker regulated by FCA.

Therefore all your assets are safe on it. Moreover, it allows you to demo trade, known as Paper trade, without using actual money. So you can gain hands-on experience using the app. If you are low on funds, it has the option of Leverage Trading. Moreover, it has additional Risk Management Features like:

  • Stop Loss Risk Management Tool
  • The Take Profit Order feature
  • Negative Balance Protection, and lots more.

So, after researching well about BTC, making up your mind for investments, you can invest in BTC and make money. The BTC will be stored in Your eToro Portfolio. You can even monitor real-time data and analytics before investing and track your investments here.

2. Coinbase

Coinbase, the globally leading place to invest in Cryptocurrency, offers two primary services. It is a Crypto exchange platform and acts as a free wallet for its users. To protect its user’s assets from any fraudulent withdrawals, the platform offers a 48-hour withdrawal cancellation policy.

Therefore, not only can you quickly invest but also ensure that your investments are safe and protected. While investing, if you pay by Credit or Debit Cards, then you will be charged some fees for it. However, the fees charged in the UK are comparatively lower than that of the US.

3. Binance

Binance, is a leading platform in the Crypto world, but why is it special to invest in the BTC UK by it? Apart from easy investment methods, it provides a free deposit and withdrawal feature to UK customers.


However, it charges you a trading fee, but that’s as little as 0.1% of the total amount. Investing in BTC via Binance is a more innovative option as you can easily trade worldwide at low costs.

4. Crypto.com

Investing in BTC using Crypto.com is again a wise choice. It protects all your assets. To safeguard from scams, it stores all your funds/assets in Cold Storage. Moreover, it ensures instant transactions by keeping the corporate funds in the hot wallet.

Apart from investments, it gives you several options to earn more using your BTC. If you are investing in Crypto.com using your fiat currency, then it will be a cheaper option for you. It charges fees only by credit card/debit card transactions.

5. Kraken

Whether an amateur trader or a pro trader, Kraken is a reliable one for both. It provides several investment strategies for professional traders. Moreover, for amateurs, it has a feature-loaded interface.

Though the exchange fees are volume-based on the platform, more significant trades charge a 0% fee. However, you cannot deposit funds in your Kraken account by debit or credit cards, but you are free to use a wire transfer for the same.

6. Gemini

You might be worried before investment, which is obvious. However, if your priority is security while investing, then Gemini is the one that prioritizes safety while assets. It provides convenient investing and trading procedures.


Moreover, the transaction fees are pretty low. For a smooth trading experience, you can also set price alerts over the app. It makes investing more accessible.

7. Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are the Cryptocurrency ATMs set up in the UK, especially for Bitcoins. You can invest in BTC through the Bitcoin ATMs easily. However, for that, you have to visit a Bitcoin ATM physically and use the ATM to carry on for any investment procedure. The disadvantage of the process is that its charges are higher than exchange platforms.

8. CEX

You can invest in BTC UK using the platform for the best returns. Be it a wire transfer, credit card transaction, or debit card transaction, it lets you invest easily. However, we recommend using a Credit Card for BTC Investment if you invest in CEX.

CEX will allow you to invest at the lowest possible price. However, you have to wait a long time to be an authorized user. Moreover, you have to share a lot of personal information while setting up your account.

9. Local Bitcoins

local bitcoin

Local Bitcoins refer to the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) exchange method. You can buy BTC from your peers posting advertorials for trade. To open the work, you have to reply to the advertorial. All your generated BTC will then be transferred to your BTC wallet. You can, later on, use the BTC from the wallet for any purchases. It is a free way to buy and sell BTC in the UK.

10. Coinburp

It stands as the #1 company on Trustpilot UK. CoinBurp provides the most instant transactions for you. Even security-wise, Coinburp does not disappoint. Powered by BitGo, Coinburp provides guaranteed assurance for all cold storage assets. If you want to deposit more than 100 pounds, you can deposit them for free using GBP Faster Payments Bank.


The above listed are the top 10 platforms on where to buy bitcoin in the UK, this is the basic question asked by many people. There are many bitcoin trading platforms like crypto-robopro.com/tr you can choose any of them by analyzing their service.