Setting up Kids Play Centre Business

Setting Up Kids Play Centre Business

The UK is home to over 5.5 million businesses and this number is constantly rising year upon year. One area where there is certainly an opportunity for growth and success is the soft play industry. Following the global pandemic, children were unable to visit these play centres due to restrictions which makes now the perfect time to start this kind of business.

As with any new business, you may be concerned about the demand and longevity of the business. Fortunately, there are around 3.78 million children aged between 0 and 4 and with the UK continuing to have a growing population, you can expect the number of children in this age bracket to rise too.

Not sure how to set up a kids play centre business? This article will aim to educate you on the important features every soft play business will need. Read on to find out more.

Setting up Kids Play Centre Business

Create a business plan

Create a Business PlanYour business plan will be one of the most important features of your new business. It will highlight your step-by-step guide to success. This plan will cover your objectives, challenges, marketing strategies, budget and financial tips.

Once this has been done, you will have a solid foundation to refer back to when any challenges crop up. You may also need it if you’re applying for finance from a bank or an investor.

Design playground

Design PlaygroundNow comes a time for creativity and flair. Design what your indoor play area will look like. This will be your vision and will determine the success of your small business. When creating your playground, you should focus on a theme as this will make it memorable and fun for the kids. Popular options include wildlife and space.

Health and safety

Health and SafetyAs with any business, health and safety procedure are at the forefront of your operations. There are many things you can do to improve such as placing hazard signs and putting anti-slip flooring in to prevent injuries to children.

On top of this, your business will need to train your staff so that they can tend to any injuries that occur. If too many accidents happen then people may stop coming to your premises.

Maintenance costs

With children playing on your equipment all day, you can expect some damage to come about to your business, so you’ll need to budget for it. Ensure all broken items are promptly fixed or it could put lives in danger.

As you can see, there’s a lot of work that is required to get into this industry. However, what you will get in return is a fun, wholesome and entertaining business where no two days are the same. Start planning your soft play business today and reap the many rewards when you do so.


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