Missteps You’ll Need to Avoid After a Truck Accident

Missteps You’ll Need to Avoid After a Truck Accident

Truck accidents can prove devastating on a number of levels. The bigger the truck a vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian is struck by, the higher the chance of serious injury – or worse. As such, it stands to reason that anyone who’s been victimized by a truck accident would seek timely compensation for any vehicle damage or injuries they’ve suffered as a result of the incident. In the interest of getting the restitution you’re owed in a low-stress manner, make an effort to avoid the following missteps in the wake of a truck accident.

Missteps to Avoid After a Truck Accident

Not Alerting the Police

Not Alerting the PoliceIt is imperative that you make local law enforcement aware of any truck accident – or any auto accident – in which you’re involved. For one thing, refusing to alert authorities may constitute a violation of the law, as most states require police to be notified of accidents that result in injury or property damage.

Secondly, opting to leave the scene before the authorities arrive can prove disastrous to your case. Even if the accident was in no way your fault, prematurely making your exit is liable to seem like a solid indication of guilt. Additionally, leaving before police arrive provides the motorist responsible for causing the accident with a good opportunity to shape the narrative surrounding the incident.

Furthermore, an official police report is likely to prove essential to filing a professional negligence claim with your insurer or taking civil action against the responsible party. This means that if you’re looking to collect restitution for injuries and/or vehicle damage, you absolutely must call the police. So, after getting yourself to a safe location, alert the authorities ASAP.

Not Collecting the Other Party’s Insurance Info

Not Collecting the Other Party’s Insurance InfoSince a sizable number of accident disputes are settled between insurers, it’s important that you swap insurance information with the responsible party before leaving the scene. However, if the motorist in question is being irate or giving off dangerous vibes, simply hang back, wait for the police to arrive and request that they collect said information for you upon their arrival. Unsurprisingly, having the other party’s insurance info on hand can make the claim-filing process a lot easier, so make sure to get this information before making your exit.

Getting into an Altercation

It’s only natural that you’d feel angry in the immediate wake of a truck accident – especially if you played no role in bringing the accident about. Additionally, since you’re likely to be hit with a rush of adrenaline, you may find yourself raring to comfort the motorist who caused the accident. While this may strike you as a sound idea in the moment, it’s actually a disastrous lapse in judgment.

To start with, regardless of how angry you are, the other party may be even angrier – and possibly itching for a fight. Furthermore, if this person is naturally inclined towards violence, things are liable to ugly very quickly. Additionally, if you and/or this person are armed, unnecessary injuries – or worse – are likely to occur.

Should you be seen as the aggressor in such an incident, this stands to help the other motorist’s case. After all, if you angrily confront this person, threaten violence or engage in violence in the wake of the accident, the question of who’s responsible for the accident may become muddied. In addition, such behavior opens you up to a plethora of legal consequences.

Failing to Contact an Attorney

Failing to Contact an AttorneyIf you’d like to pursue a civil case against the person responsible for causing the accident, it is imperative that you enlist the services of a good attorney. In your search for the best solicitors, keep an eye out for people who have abundant experience representing truck accident victims and a history of getting results. Florida-based truck accident victims who reside in Tampa should consider reaching out to Catania & Catania truck accident lawyers in Tampa, FL.

Truck accidents are not something to be taken lightly. Given how much heavier trucks are than traditional automobiles, even relatively minor truck accidents can result in a host of serious consequences. So, if you’ve been adversely impacted by a truck accident and want to obtain the compensation you’re owed, there’s no time like the present to get the ball rolling. Truck accident victims seeking timely restitution can benefit from the advice outlined above.