No Win No Fee Solicitors – Top 10 in London

No Win No Fee Solicitors Top 10 in London

There can be many situations where one ends up suffering an ‘injury’ that was not their fault. These ‘personal injuries’ can be due to professional negligence, work accidents, industrial diseases, and more. When confronting a situation that was out of your hand, you may be at a loss when trying to seek compensation.

This is where a No win No fee agreement helps you make a compensation claim without the risks of any financial loss; allowing you to get the necessary treatment, care, and compensation for your injury. In order to increase your chances of winning a no win no fee claim, you will require the services of a reliable solicitor in the field. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 no win no fee solicitors in London that can help you through the entire process, so make sure to read it till the end.

Top 10 No Win No Fee Solicitors in London

1. Osbornes Law

Osbornes Law

The first on the list is Osbornes Law. This London law firm has been recognized by The Times as one of the Best Law Firms for the 4th consecutive year and has been accredited with many successful claims and cases.

They specialize in personal injury, property and family law, as well as children law in addition to dealing with complex financial litigations and the like.

Osbornes Law can help you with:-

  • Free initial consultation
  • Discuss other alternatives
  • Obtain the necessary details and information related to your injury
  • They will guide and assist you through the next steps

2. Irwin Mitchell

Irwin Mitchell

Thousands of successful personal injury claims are handled by Irwin Mitchell each year. In fact, they assert that they have helped clients claim more than £1 billion in compensation alone.

Their personal injury claims cover a wide range of events such as:-

  • Medical negligence
  • Road and traffic accidents
  • Work accidents
  • Industrial diseases, etc.

With a free initial consultation, you will be required to pay if the case is successful. There are no hidden costs and in case of an unsuccessful claim, you won’t be required to pay any fees or compensation.

3. Bolt Burdon Kemp

Bolt Burdon Kemp

When it comes to serious injury claims, Bolt Burdon Kemp has established itself as one of the leading firms that can assure and impress clients of a successful and satisfactory compensation.

Ranked by independent legal online directories, such as the Legal 500, they’ve earned the trust of thousands of clients. With their team of reliable and well-informed experts, Bolt Burdon Kemp has guided the clients through-

  • Legal advice
  • Consultation
  • Investigation of claim
  • Defendant’s response, and proceeding steps

4. Hudgell Solicitors

Hudgell Solicitors

If you want to go for a more all-rounded law firm, then Hudgen Solicitors is the one for you. With over 20 years of experience, Hudgen solicitors have established themselves as a large with skilled expertise spanning various fields.

Especially with regards to personal injuries and no win no fee claims. They have gained the trust and confidence of their client’s thanks to their:-

  • Proven track record
  • In-depth specialist expertise
  • No upfront charges

5. Slater And Gordon

Slater & Gordon

With offices in both London and Australia, Slator and Gordon takes up all cases and claims whether big or small and assure clients of a satisfactory case no matter where and when.

Be it within the UK, abroad, in the work environment, or a public place, their legal solicitors are there to help you through all your claims. They are readily available to clients and you can reach out to them via calls, emails, or video calls, according to what suits you best and are open for service 24/7.

6. Landau Law

Landau Law

The workplace is as vulnerable to hazards, risks, and accidents, like any other place. And this is why it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure their employee’s safety and health. But these measures are often overlooked by employees.

As such, workplace accidents or fatalities due to professional negligence and the like are more common than you think. And for work and employment-related cases, nothing is more ideal than securing the assistance of a law firm that focuses on employment and work-related issues. With over 20 years of professional experience, Landau Law has gained high success rates and have placed itself to be very well-informed and well-versed in tackling such issues.

7. Fieldfisher


The award-winning team at Fieldfisher comprises of highly capable lawyers that are well-versed in this line of work, dedicated to achieving success, with an sensitive approach to cases and claims.

Fieldfisher offers Conditional Fee Agreement or No win no fee services for aggrieved clients looking for compensation and help with:-

  • Sharing the risks
  • A straightforward and frank approach
  • Immediate assistance throughout the process

8. Friends Legal

Friends Legal

Their team of personal injury experts are stationed to help throughout London and are available for service 24/7. So you can dial them up whenever the time is right for you and inform them of your grievance.

The team of highly capable and amiable lawyers of Friend Legal take up cases with the full understanding and knowledge that they will not be paid for their services, in case they is lost. Friends Legal is dedicated to providing justice to those in need with simple guidance and low financial risks. Based on which they can guide you through the process and let you know whether you can file for a claim or not. Do make sure to file a claim immediately after the injury was first sustained, for a delay can lower your chances of success.

9. London UK Lawyer

London UK Lawyer

London UK Lawyer commands a multi-disciplinary team that can provide professional aid and assistance across multiple legal fields and advice. They can guide you through cases of medical negligence, personal injury.

Road accidents, and other cases, you can contact London UK lawyers for immediate assistance and guidance and they can help you:-

  • Discuss and guide you to other legal aids funded by the Government
  • Obtain legal aid and assistance with minimal costs
  • Offer complete information and guidance with the claim

10. Winn Solicitors

Winn Solicitors

As one of the busiest cities in the world, road accidents and injuries are a common occurrence in London. Oftentimes, these accidents happen despite the victim of the injuries and accidents being blameless or faultless.

When embroiled in such a case of a no-fault accident, WINNsolicitors can help you file a no win no fee claim and give you the necessary support and justice concerning:-

  • Compensation
  • Vehicle repairs and replacement
  • Medical appointments, etc.


If you’re the victim of an accident or have suffered any personal injury or damage with no fault of your own, then you’re eligible to apply for a no win no fee claim. However, you need to ensure that you make your claim immediately within a period of at most 3 to 7 days, or your chances of success can be NIL. Also, remember that not every law firm offers no win no fee claim services and some may even ask for the cost of medical reports, court fees, and other expenses from the start. Try to avoid such firms and do your end of necessary research before you opt for such services.