Top 6 Karaoke Apps in 2020

best karaoke app

Music is rightly called as the universal language, which brings different people together and instantly makes a person cheerful. Listening to music is one part, but singing is, without a doubt, more fun.

On top of it, if one gets their favorite song’s lyrics flashed on a screen along with the music being played in the background, the whole experience gets way more entertaining than ever. This activity called Karaoke comes in various forms, but the most accessible form currently trending is through apps.

These karaoke apps allow one to sing individually and also along with friends. While exploring, one might end up finding tons of such apps, which might make it challenging to select the best one.

To make the selection more comfortable, do check on the top 6 apps for Karaoke along with their description below (in no particular order).

Smule – The Social Singing App

One of the most popular karaoke apps in the market, Smule, allows the user to sing their favorite songs from a list of millions of songs in its library. The app gives the options of singing solo, duet, or singing in Cappella.

The user can also sing live or record your performance (including video). Video performances can be made, and a more professional look can be given with the use of various filters available. Other essential features of the app include voice modulation effects and pitch correction in real-time, which helps in enhancing the performance. 

The recordings can be shared on various social media platforms. The app also allows singing a duet with the user’s favorite artists. The user’s Smule profile can be customized. With such great features, this app has already been featured in Entertainment Tonight, Forbes, and Google Play’s best app.

The app is available for Android as well as iPhone users. You can even download Smule tracks from here for offline use. The installer package size is 41 MB. The app is free of cost but requires a subscription (VIP membership) to access the full music database. This cost is around Rs. Twenty-nine per month and Rs 290 per year.

best karaoke apps

Star Maker

Star Maker is another karaoke app that has 50 million-plus users across the globe. The app also allows the user to sing a solo, duet (with online users), or a group song (including video performances as well) post which the recordings are scored.

The app has many build-in effects to bring out the best version of the record. The app also has an option to modify the volume of both the user’s voice as well as the sound of the background music so that both the masses are in sync, thereby giving the best output. This app has a unique option of “Hook,” which permits the user to sing their favorite part of the song instead of singing the whole song.

The user can also use the “Take the Mic” feature to form a group and compete to become the “King of Karaoke.” The trending recordings/videos posted on the apps can be discovered by different users.

This app is available for android and i-phone users. The installer package size is 68 MB. The app is free but to fully access its database, and it comes up with weekly, monthly, and three months’ subscription plans.

Karaoke- Sing Karaoke, unlimited songs 

Made by Yokee, Karaoke- Sing Karaoke, Unlimited songs app is another popular karaoke app. which allows the user to sign-in in their preferred language. The user interface of the app is quick to navigate, which helps to explore different genres of music ranging from pop, rock music to rap, and hip hop.

It includes features like voice echo, voice reverb, and sharing the recording with friends and family. This app also leverages the YouTube unlimited library access to video and songs.

The app is for android and i-phone users. The installer package size is 15 MB. The app is free, but to fully access its database and have an ad-free experience, it comes up with monthly and yearly subscription plans.

Karaoke- Apps online

Sing Play: Karaoke your MP3

This karaoke app has a unique feature of using the songs of the device (MP3 files) and converting it into their karaoke versions by removing the vocal music without compromising the originality of the music. Users can sign their release of the original music and save the file in MP3 format.

One drawback of this app is that the lyrics need to be added to the app manually by tapping on to the edit icon. The features of the app include adjustment of the volume, pitch, and tempo along with voluntary vocal training by using the 5 seconds fast forward and rewind option. 

Photographs can also be attached to the recordings and shared with the near and dear ones. This app can run even without an internet connection. The app is for both the android and i-phone users. The installer package size is 25 MB. 

The Voice Sing Karaoke App

Developed by Yokee, this is the official app of the worldwide TV show – “The Voice.” This app provides free songs from a vast music library that it incorporates. The unique feature of this app is that as and when the songs are sung, more songs get unlocked from the music library.

The songs can be accessed in solo or duet (with online users) mode. The app also allows recording the performances. The audio, as well as video, can be edited using the app’s voice and video effects. The recordings can be shared with the world. Users can also interact with them by commenting and liking each other’s work.

The app is for both the android and i-phone users. The installer package size is 17 MB. The app is free to download and has an in-app purchase option to gain its complete access.

best karaoke app for kids

Baby Karaoke for kids

Karaoke is not only enjoyed by adults but also by kids. Baby Karaoke is an app specifically designed for kids. The music library consists of songs mostly for kids. This also includes nursery rhymes along with animated videos.

This becomes one of the most engaging ways of learning for kids. One of the features of this app allows the kid to record only the voice without the music.

The app is for both the android and i-phone users. The installer package size is 63 MB.

With the current lockdown situation, downloading some of these apps will surely help stay cheerful and socialize musically.