Pitch Deck Templates You Can Choose From

Pitch Deck Templates You Can Choose From

Getting your startup out there and into the pool of already established competitors is never an easy feat. You have to make sure that you are well-equipped and backed with good products and services, an effective marketing plan, an exemplary workforce, and a huge commitment to the business. More importantly, you will need investors who will help you realize your business’s full potential and capacity. However, persuading potential investors to take a risk on your startup business or a new project can be quite a challenge. But you can always impress them with a comprehensive and well-designed pitch deck.

Now the real catch is how to leave your investors impressed with your pitch deck. A pitch deck also called a startup pitch deck or a slide deck is a presentation that gives your target audience a streamlined but informative overview of your startup or company. Keep in mind that these investors are typically swamped with a lot of pitch decks in one day, make sure yours stands out. Put in your 110 percent effort in creating a presentation that is worthy of your time. Their time is gold and you are literally trying to get a chunk of that gold to help sustain your venture.

Components of a Pitch Deck

Components of a Pitch DeckInvest ample time and effort in your presentation because this could either make or break your dreams for your startup. Make sure you’ve covered all necessary bases and included all important points that should be in your pitch deck.


They say “necessity is the mother of all inventions.” Truly, your product was born out of the need to solve a problem. This part of your presentation should discuss what problem your product will be solving. This is where you share relatable stories to your investors to grab their attention and to help them understand your business.


teamNever forget to give credit to whom it is due. Introduce the people behind the project or business and briefly explain their roles. In this part, highlight how your team members are uniquely qualified to help you turn a startup into a massive company.


Every now and then, a new business venture sprouts, thereby expressing how the industry is expanding pretty quickly. With that, you have to clearly show to investors the qualities that make your product or service special and unique among its competitors.

Business Plan

Of course, never miss this one in your presentation. Boast of your startup’s unique features and mechanisms, and how you project this plan to yield sales and revenues. You can also include here your projected timeframe when your expected revenues will pour in.


Work to gain early traction for your product or service. This will prove to potential investors that your startup truly has the potential for expansion. Emphasize that funding from them will give you the opportunity to leverage that said potential.


All businesses, even startups, have at least one competitor in the marketplace. This is the part of your pitch deck where you can discuss what the competition is doing and what you think it is doing wrong. But, take note: do not ever talk ill about your competitors. Belittling other businesses would badly reflect on you.


budgetThis shall serve as your last and one of the most important sections of your presentation. This is where you inform your investors how their money will be spent.  Indicate why and how the investors’ apply for funding and/or sponsorship would help your startup grow. Back up your presentation with relevant data and expert insights.

Pitch Deck Templates

Pitch Deck TemplatesIf you still don’t have an idea on how to go about your pitch deck, no need to worry because we’ve got you covered. We have provided you with these easy-to-edit and customizable pitch deck templates that you can use.

Demo Day Presentation Template

According to Fast Company, Airbnb’s rise in the marketplace was brought about by an impressive rate of traction. Finding more investors for your startup would be easy, even for newbies, if you choose to go with this template. Notice how the presentation only has a maximum of three sections of information in each slide. This design focuses more on utilizing engaging visuals rather than bombarding the audience with texts. You can also customize this format according to your business’s branding — alter its default font style, size, and color scheme using the plethora of options featured in editing software such as Venngage.

Company or Product Timeline Pitch Deck Template

One way to attract investors into funding your startup is through using a timeline to tell the real story about your company.  Timelines are effective means of walking your audience through the chronological events that are relevant to your company’s growth through the years. Use this template to let them know how you essentially grew your startup from the ground up to where you are now.

Pitch Deck Template With Icons as Visual Anchors

Venngage features a variety of icons that you can use as visual anchors for written information. In this template, you can assign a specific icon to textual data. You just have to pick the perfect icon that the audience would subconsciously associate with the information you partnered them with. As shown in the example above, each icon gives us a sneak peek of the visual context it is communicating about.

Franchise Pitch Deck

To effectively show your potential investors how your startup is different from your competitors, you may opt to use this template. Choose this template to help your investors visualize what problem your business is trying to solve with your idea. The design of this presentation will help you make an impact on your audience because it shows exactly the difference between two separate entities. You may also opt to incorporate a well-designed flowchart to better get your point across.

Yes, your presentation should be informative. But you would also want to make an impact on your business’s potential investors. So keep your pitch deck informative and visually pleasing at the same time with the help of Venngage. Pick what you perceive is perfect for your business and branding from the wide array of pitch deck templates that it offers.