7 Ways To Increase Your Motivation for Work 

7 Ways to Increase your Motivation for Work

If you’re heading back to the office this month then you may be feeling mixed emotions about it, but mainly that you worried you’ve lost the motivation you had for the job. This is likely to have happened whilst working from home, as not being in an office environment can leave us to become a bit lazy and uninterested. Here, Dr. Giuseppe Aragona GP, an online doctor at Prescription Doctor reveals his tips for increasing your motivation for work.

7 Ways To Increase Your Motivation for Work

1. Set small goals at first

Set Small Goals First

If you’re heading back to the office, this may seem quite overwhelming and you may find that being back in the office space as opposed to your front room is quite intimidating and could make you freak out a bit. Give yourself small goals to start off with, perhaps write a daily to-do list to help keep distractions limited and ensure you complete daily tasks, just ensure you do not overdo it in your first week.

2. Celebrate results

Celebrate Results

It’s always a good idea to give yourself positive reinforcement, if you did something well then allow yourself to be given praise by colleagues. This will also give you the motivation to carry on and complete work to an even better standard as you will be fuelled on.

3. Stay positive

Stay Positive

Keeping a positive attitude at work will trick you into being productive and increasing motivation, if you feel good mentally chances are you will do a better job at work. This will most likely also rub off on your work colleagues or team and they will most likely also be more productive.

4. Take regular breaks

Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks is imperative to ensure you do a good job at work, you may see it as time-wasting but ensuring you give your mind and body rest throughout the day will only allow you to come back to your desk with a clear mind. Go on a full hour’s lunch break and ensure you are taking breaks from the screen.

5. Stay healthy

Stay Healthy

A healthy diet is a staple for motivation at work. Rather than having a huge lunch which will most likely leave you feeling tired and lethargic, why not opt for a salad or a healthy lunch, the nutrients in the naked food will most likely allow you to stay focussed. Caffeine is good for a quick boost of energy but tries not to overdo it as it could leave you feeling burnt out. Drinking enough water throughout the day is your best bet.

6. Have a desk rejig

After coming back to the office with so long off, you may find that you want to give your workspace a bit of a rejig, this is a small way to increase motivation to work and adding things that will boost your mood such as nice stationery, a photo of a loved one or various products within reach. You may want to move desks all together, a new location will be a sure-fire way to boost motivation to work.

7. Go out with your colleagues

Go Out with Colleagues

Having a good relationship with those you work with is imperative for a positive working environment. Why not offer up the idea of Friday drinks after work, or head out to lunch with a colleague. You may also want to invite your own boss to help the relationship there too.