The Only Pre-MOT Checklist You Need To Pass

The Only Pre-MOT Checklist You Need To Pass

As many as forty per cent of vehicles can fail their MOT, and this can sometimes come as a surprise to the driver who thinks that their vehicle is in great condition. However, many of these failures are over really trivial matters that the owner could have sorted out, if only they had known to check them! Let us take a look at four ways to ensure your car has the best chance possible of passing its MOT this year.

Team MOT with a Service

Many MOT testing centres offer an accompanying service with a discounted MOT test. If you have not had a service recently, this can be a great way to make sure your car passes the MOT, as the service will – for a fee, of course – look out for and fix any of the seemingly small problems which can lead to a failure.

Don’t Book the Cheapest MOT

Don't Book the Cheapest MOTWhile it can seem like common sense to save every possible penny, it can be a mistake to choose an MOT testing centre if they seem to be offering the test for too cheap a price. Unscrupulous garages will sometimes offer a very cheap test, but then ‘find’ all sorts of problems with your vehicle. Which they, of course, will fix for a rather larger price tag than you would have liked! Instead, opt for a combined service, as mentioned above, or do some research to find reputable and honest mechanics who will deal with you fairly and honestly for a reasonable price. You can also have a look at DAT Tyres to book MOT in London.

Double Check the New

Double Check the NewThe MOT test is constantly evolving, and if you are not up to date you might be caught out by something you had not thought to check! For example, when your tyres are being checked, the MOT inspector will now check to see if your tyres are underinflated, as well as the known checks of your treads for depth and your sidewalls for damage or wear. This is because modern tyres are carefully designed to be used at recommended inflation levels, unlike very early tyres which sometimes required a bit of initiative on the part of the driver to get over icy roads or grip onto smooth sandy lanes.

The Doors

The DoorsYou might not think your doors have anything to do with your vehicle’s roadworthiness, but being safe on the roads requires you to be able to open all the doors, in case of emergencies blocking one or more of them. Your doors being able to open easily and shut tightly is essential to keep you and other road users safe.


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