Solicitors Northampton – Top 10 in the City

Solicitors Northampton Top 10 in the City

One of the most common legal paths is that of a solicitor. Learn about the responsibilities of the position so you can decide whether it’s the perfect job for you.

Not every legal problem needs the employment of a lawyer. Two instances include fighting a traffic ticket and going to small claims court. In many other scenarios involving a legal conflict, challenge, or settlement, however, you may not want to take the risk of going it alone without the assistance of an expert lawyer. While effective legal representation isn’t inexpensive, it may help you get out of a variety of difficult circumstances, including a nasty divorce, job loss, or DUI violation.

While each person’s legal position is unique, there are instances when hiring a lawyer is necessary. The top 10 reasons to engage an attorney are listed below.

The Law Is Difficult

If you’re not a lawyer, you probably shouldn’t behave like one in some situations. Even the most experienced lawyers seldom represent themselves in court. Attorneys also prefer to specialise in one or more areas of law, such as criminal defence or taxation.

Without the assistance of a skilled and emotionally detached attorney, a good case can suddenly collapse. It is important to hire a lawyer before starting a business because solicitors will help you with any legal entity requirements.

Not having an attorney may end up costing you more

What’s on the line? A criminal case may result in you doing time in prison, but a civil action could cost you money. Furthermore, many civil attorneys do not charge you anything until they win your case.

Lawyers are they’ll-versed in the art of debunking evidence

You may not be able to tell if a major piece of evidence against you was obtained unlawfully or if a witness’ testimony contradicts a previous statement if you lack the necessary legal skills. And, along the process, did the crime lab appropriately manage the evidence? your lawyer will find out and may be able to get the evidence concealed.

Submitting the incorrect document or following the incorrect procedure might jeopardise your case

Solicitors will help you in filling the legal documents without any mistakes, and they will complete the documentation within the deadline. A single late or erroneous submission might undermine your case, cause a legal procedure to be delayed, or even result in the case being dismissed entirely (and not in your favour).

With that being clear, let’s move on to discussing the best solicitor options for you if you’re living in North Hampton.

Solicitors Northampton – Top 10 in the City

1. Pickup & Scott Solicitors

Pickup & Scott

Pickup & Jarvis, their law business, was founded in 1993 by David Pickup. Kevin Scott, a solicitor with extensive knowledge in immigration law, joined them shortly after. In early 2009, they changed their name to Pickup and Scott Solicitors.

They’re originally located on Temple Street, but in January 2009, they relocated to their current location on Bourbon Street, where they remain today. Naaz Syed, a solicitor who specialises in mental health, joined the company in 2008 and recently joined the Wills Department in 2016. Since 2009, the business has continued to expand and currently provides a broad variety of legal business services.

2. Fullers Family Law


According to the Lexcel Standard, businesses must deliver the highest level of professionalism, as they have a commitment to representing a client’s interests with the finest counsel, direction, and implementation.

Fuller’s Family Law has held The Law Society’s Quality Mark (Lexcel) and they are excellent in legal practice administration and customer service. Clients can have confidence in the Lexcel Standard because the firm is rigorously assessed each year and is required to have a thorough system of checks and balances in place to ensure that it consistently delivers services that meet expectations, improve overall satisfaction, and assist with regulatory compliance. Fullers Family Law recognises how difficult it may be to deal with difficulties that arise within a family. Emotions and passions are frequently at an all-time high, stress levels are high, children may be inadvertent puppets, and money can be a mystery.

3. Tollers Solicitors

Tollers Solicitors

Northampton, Corby, Stevenage, Milton Keynes, Kempston, and Oakham are also home to their offices. Tollers provides a broad variety of competent legal services both ‘For You’ and ‘For Business’, with 150 partners, associates, and support personnel.

Tollers has developed to become a renowned Regional Law Firm with 6 locations and a geographic reach across the South and East Midlands since its founding in 1877. Their long history has earned us a reputation for prestige, knowledge, and an incredible breadth of expertise. Their approach, on the other hand, is quite modern: they’re here to assist you to keep up with, or stay one step ahead of, the legal intricacies of modern life and business, and to set the standard for providing high-quality legal services among their peers.

4. Sills & Betteridge

Sills & Betteridge

They are delighted to have served the legal community for over 260 years. they’ve accumulated a lot of expertise and understanding about what you, their clients, expect from a solicitor over the years.

The business employs about 320 persons in legal and administrative positions. To make interacting with us as simple as possible, their highly qualified personnel take the time to understand your needs, identify realistic solutions, and straightforwardly explain things. They think that by placing you at the centre of all they do, they will be able to solve your issues, achieve your objectives, and provide you with the finest advice possible. Service is extremely essential to the company, as seen by the hundreds of evaluations left by their clientele. They now have a 4.7 out of 5-star rating.

5. Franklins Solicitors LLP

Franklins Solicitors

These nationally and globally recognised quality marks demonstrate their dedication to providing you with exceptional service and distinguish us from the great majority of other law firms and legal service providers.

They have obtained ISO 9001 accreditation because they are one of the most quality-assured companies in the region. They’ve also received the Lexcel quality accreditation from the Law Society. They often receive thank you notes, repeat business, and referrals from their hundreds of delighted clients as a consequence of their hard work. They are a firm that will always give you courteous and efficient service, and they take pleasure in their reputation as a law office that prioritises its clients.

6. Borneo Martell Turner Coulston

Borneo Martell Turner Coulston

Borneo Martell Turner Coulston provides experienced guidance transparently and efficiently. They understand the business world. Borneo Martell Turner Coulston, a firm of attorneys dedicated to making the complicated simple.

Their offices are conveniently accessible by car, rail, or bus, and they provide free on-site parking or parking on the street close to the premises. They have a diversified team of attorneys with various qualifications and experience that provide skilled legal services targeted to the unique needs of both individual clients and corporations. They can advise and support people on concerns such as family, future, moving home, and job, just as they can commercial customers who are growing or retracting their business, selling, merging, dealing with property difficulties, disputes, or having problems with workers.

7. Family Law Group

Family Law Group

They think that every client should be handled as if they are their only client, which includes listening to their problems, understanding their requirements, being accessible at all times, and helping them through tough times.

They have professional attorneys who can help with Divorce & Separation, Child Arrangements & Social Services, Care Proceedings, Matrimonial Finance & Property, Mediation, Collaborative Law, Forced Marriage, and Domestic Abuse Injunctions, among other things. Their family law attorneys are professionals in all aspects of the law and offer the finest advice to both private and Legal Aid clients. Wherever feasible, they offer their clients a set charge to provide them peace of mind and to ensure that they are aware of any expenses ahead of time.

8. IMK Solicitors

IMK Solicitors

You may be certain that they will advise you clearly on where you are and what you need to do to reach your goals thanks to their meticulous attention to detail and excellent understanding of immigration legislation.

IMK Solicitors will always keep your goals in mind and give you the greatest level of care and legal competence.

9. Ward & Rider Solicitors

Ward & Rider

When embarking on a new claim, they do all they can to help the client get the best possible result. They keep their customers updated about the status of their claim and explain everything at each stage so that they are comfortable and confident.

Ward and Rider’s primary office remains in the heart of Coventry City Centre, making them conveniently accessible to residents of the city and surrounding regions. They strive to keep their clients at the centre of their work, resulting in long-term, trustworthy partnerships. Ward & Rider takes pride in each of its lawyers’ dedication to their job, and are convinced that they will always endeavour to deliver exceptional service. What sets them unique is their continuing effort to provide a personal, straightforward service that meets the demands of their clients.

10. Duncan Lewis

Duncan Lewis

Regardless of the size or complexity of their case, they endeavour to deliver the finest possible service in a cautious, attentive, and comprehensive manner, ensuring that clients are informed and updated throughout their dealings with them.

Duncan Lewis Solicitors has locations throughout London and England and Wales and they are handling cases for both corporate companies and private persons in over 25 areas of law. Through dependable, accessible, and competent legal services, they hope to live up to their tagline and ‘give everyone a voice.’ Duncan Lewis’s dedication to customer care goes hand in hand with high-quality legal competence.