Top 10 Solicitors in Wigan

Wigan Solicitors Top 10 in the City

You will need the legal advice and guidance of an attorney at some time in your life, from purchasing your first property to writing a will. That is why having a lawyer on hand as a backup is a good idea. A solicitor is a lawyer who is licensed to create legal papers, represent, and/or defend a client’s legal interests.

A lawyer is not required for every legal matter. A traffic ticket and a trip to a small claims court are two examples. You may be spotted in many legal disputes or settlements, you can reduce the risk with the help of solicitors. While excellent legal counsel isn’t cheap, it may help you get out of several sticky situations, such as a tumultuous divorce, job loss, or a DUI conviction.

While every person’s legal situation is different, there are times when having a lawyer is required. Working without an attorney may lead to broken agreements, lost claims, and even prison time in some situations. The following are the top reasons to hire an attorney.

You may wind up paying more if you don’t hire an attorney

What’re the stakes? A criminal case may end in you being sentenced to prison, but a civil lawsuit may cost you money. In addition, many civil lawyers do not charge you anything until they win your case.

Debunking evidence is a skill that lawyers are well-versed in

If you lack the requisite legal knowledge, you may not be able to identify if a key piece of evidence against you was obtained illegally or if a witness’ testimony contradicts a previous statement. And, along the way, did the crime lab handle the evidence properly? your attorney will find out and may be able to conceal the evidence. You might never know when you need a solicitor, or who is good at it. That’s why they’ve picked the best of the best on their list to save your time and energy.

Wigan Solicitors – Top 10 in the City

1. Mason & Co Solicitors

Mason & Co Solicitors

Mason and Co’s attorneys can offer a wide range of legal advice, and as experienced conveyancing solicitors, they can supply you with a lot of information if you’re buying or selling a home.

Mason & Co are the family law solicitors who can provide any legal advice on all the family-related issues and they are well-versed in completing the legal documentations perfectly. They are friendly to all the clients and they can be able to complete the service at an affordable price and all the clients will be treated equally. They can also help you with property management and property development issues within the range of the UK and Wales.

2. Vardags


From mergers and acquisitions to investment and shareholder agreements, share buybacks and capital reductions to complicated group reorganisations, and commercial contract evaluations to dispute resolution.

Ayesha Vardag started the law firm Vardags in 2005 by starting her career with the Magic Circle law firm and her ultimate aim is to bring the law firm common to all the people. Now the business achieved its reputation, and they can handle the law-making divorce cases with HNW and UHNW cases.

3. Platt & Fishwick

Platt & Fishwick

Platt and Fishwick have been providing skilled and cost-effective legal solutions in the areas of Residential Conveyancing, Commercial Conveyancing, Company, Landlord and Tenant, Family Legal Matters, Personal Injury Claims, Debt Recovery, and Litigation Matters since 1914.

4. Fionabruce Solicitors

Fiona Bruce

Fiona Bruce’s focus is on providing professional guidance and high-quality service to all of their clients. They strive to teach all of their employees to the greatest standards, and their lawyers are among the best in their field.

They are one of just a few businesses in the UK that possess the Lexcel and Conveyancing Quality Scheme quality standards. Indeed, in 1998, they were the first single practitioner law firm in the UK to get the Lexcel kite certification from the Law Society.

5. Woodward Solicitors

Woodward Solicitors

Woodward law firm has started in 2001, and they are mainly focusing on the personal and accidental injury. The firm’s main goal is to deliver top-notch service to both local and national clients.

Since its inception, the practice has expanded to include Conveyancing, Family Law, Insurance Disputes, Personal Injury, Industrial Disease, and Wills and Probate, among other fields.

6. Houghton Pigot & Co Solicitors

Houghton Pigot & Co

They strive to provide an efficient, professional, and courteous service to residents of Wigan and Ashton, as well as the surrounding areas. Their clients benefit from an approachable and cost-effective service provided by their partners.

Houghton & co mix their professional and courteous approach with experience in a wide range of sectors at Houghton Pigot & Co. the firm has two locations: one in Wigan and one in Ashton.

7. ABH Solicitors

ABH Solicitors

Alker Ball Healds was founded through the amalgamation of two well-known local enterprises, Alker & Ball and Healds. They’ve evolved with the times but never forgotten the value of the human touch in the solicitor-client relationship.

Since 1852, the businesses have had a presence in Wigan. They agree to never provide the same advice again. Their attorneys are distinguished by the fact that they deliver well-considered counsel in every case. Their past is significant to them since it has influenced how why conduct business now. When it’s required, they offer reassurance and direction. They expect you to have questions as your case progresses.

8. Pilgrim Hope Solicitors

Pilgrim Hope

To provide the finest service to all of their clients, they embrace technology. They want to be at the vanguard of the legal profession, with the confidence to question established beliefs and push the envelope.

They’re headquartered in Standish, Wigan, and there’s plenty of free parking in the area. Relationships and people are vital to them. As a result, the lawyer you pick to handle your case will be directly involved from beginning to end.

9. RJT Solicitors

RJT Solicitors

They are polite and approachable and work on a No Win No Fee basis. Before they begin work, they clarify the procedure of filing a claim and go through their reasonable pricing structure with their customers.

RJT Solicitors are devoted to making a positive difference by delivering exceptional legal services and are enthusiastic about defending the best interests of their clients. With RJT, you can be certain that your case will be handled by a competent attorney with specialised expertise who will be thoroughly acquainted with all the circumstances of your case and will advise and represent you from the beginning to the end.

10. Simpson Healed Pearson Solicitors

Simpson Heald Pearson

They will operate in your best interests by providing you with an honest, no-nonsense appraisal of your case’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as a thorough discussion of all available choices.

Most importantly, they will listen to you and help you through what may be a difficult and confusing period, with just one goal in mind: your best interests. All criminal matters are handled by them. Whether it’s a violation of the law of the road, public order, theft, fraud, or murder.

You will receive straightforward, honest, and practical guidance. Above all, they will do all possible to get the greatest possible outcome for you. Always plan ahead of time to get started. Rather than waiting for a scenario to arise before hiring a lawyer, it is in your best interests to have one on hand at all times.