Steven Bartlett Net Worth

Steven Bartlett Net Worth

Steven Bartlett is a name that’s been making waves in the business world. From being an entrepreneur and CEO to a social media influencer and now a Dragon on Dragons’ Den, he has achieved it all at a very young age. But have you ever wondered how much this young millionaire is worth? This blog will delve into Steven Bartlett’s life and rise to fame.

We will also discuss his various business ventures, investments, and assets contributing to his net worth. Lastly, we will uncover the impact of social media on Steven Bartlett’s success and how he has leveraged it to become one of the most influential entrepreneurs of our time.

Who is Steven Bartlett?

Steven Bartlett

Steven Bartlett is an influential entrepreneur and social media personality who has made a name for himself in the business world. As the founder and former CEO of Social Chain, a leading social media marketing agency, he has helped companies build their online presence worldwide. With his dynamic personality and motivational speeches, Bartlett inspires others to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.

Early Life and Career of Steven Bartlett

Before becoming a renowned entrepreneur and social media influencer, Steven Bartlett had to overcome several obstacles. Born in Botswana, he moved to the UK with his family at a young age. Despite gaining admission into a university, Bartlett was unsatisfied with the traditional academic approach and decided to drop out to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship.

This led him to found The Social Chain, a social media marketing agency that quickly grew into one of Europe’s largest. In addition to his business ventures, Bartlett often speaks on personal development and success, inspiring many aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

The Rise to Fame: Steven Bartlett’s Success Story

Steven Bartlett’s success story is nothing short of remarkable. Starting from humble beginnings as a bartender, he dropped out of university to found his first business, Wallpark. However, the creation of the Social Chain truly catapulted him into the spotlight. His success has also led to several appearances on popular television shows such as Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice UK.

How Much is Steven Bartlett Worth?

How Much is Steven Bartlett Worth?

Steven Bartlett’s net worth stands at an impressive £68 million, a testament to his success as an entrepreneur and CEO of Social Chain. He has been recognized as one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Europe and is renowned for his expertise in social media marketing. However, Steven’s journey to wealth wasn’t straightforward.

He started his career as a bartender before dropping out of university and beginning his first business venture, Wallpark. Despite early setbacks, he persevered, ultimately finding success with creating Social Chain – a company that leverages social media to help brands connect with younger audiences.

Steven Bartlett’s Business Ventures and Investments

Steven Bartlett’s business acumen extends beyond Social Chain. He has invested in several startups, including Big Youth Group and On The Beach, showing his commitment to supporting innovative ideas. In 2021, he joined the cast of Dragon’s Den, showcasing his aptitude for identifying and nurturing promising businesses. Bartlett’s investments demonstrate his belief in the power of entrepreneurship and his dedication to helping others succeed.

His Role as the Newest Dragon on Dragons’ Den

As the youngest Dragon on Dragons’ Den, Steven Bartlett has quickly made a name for himself as an entrepreneur and investor. His innovative approach to business, coupled with his extensive knowledge of social media marketing, has allowed him to identify promising startups and provide valuable mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Steven Bartlett’s Salary on Dragons’ Den

As an entrepreneur and social media influencer, Steven Bartlett has built several successful businesses, including The Social Chain. In 2021, he joined the British television show Dragons’ Den as a new dragon, replacing Tej Lalvani.

While his salary on the show has not been disclosed publicly, it is expected to be significant given his success as an entrepreneur. With his innovative approach and business acumen, Bartlett’s participation on the show has undoubtedly added to his impressive net worth.

Steven Bartlett’s Property Holdings and Assets

Steven Bartlett's Property Holdings and Assets

Steven Bartlett’s net worth is estimated to be around £68 million as a successful entrepreneur and investor. Apart from his businesses, he has invested in real estate and several properties in the UK and abroad, which include a luxurious penthouse apartment in Manchester.

His investments in real estate have significantly contributed to his overall wealth. In addition to these holdings, Bartlett is also an active philanthropist, supporting causes related to mental health and education.

The Impact of Social Media on Steven Bartlett’s Net Worth

From a struggling entrepreneur to one of the youngest millionaires in the UK, Steven Bartlett’s rise to fame is a testament to the power of social media. His net worth, estimated to be around £68 million, is a result of his entrepreneurial success and social media influence.

He has built a strong personal brand by leveraging social media platforms and created successful businesses like Social Chain, now worth over $100 million. Bartlett’s story shows how social media can transform an individual’s career and impact their net worth.


Steven Bartlett is an accomplished entrepreneur and investor who has left an indelible mark on the business world. His net worth is a testament to his innovative ideas, hard work, and dedication to his craft.

From his early days as a student entrepreneur to his recent appointment as the newest Dragon on Dragons’ Den, Steven has consistently shown that he can turn any venture into a success story. In addition, his social media presence has played a significant role in boosting his net worth, making him one of the most influential figures in the industry today.

FAQ – Steven Bartlett Net Worth

FAQ - Steven Bartlett Net Worth

How does Steven Bartlett make his money?

Steven Bartlett makes his money through various ventures. As the CEO of Social Chain, a social media marketing agency that works with major brands to create campaigns and content, he has found great success as an entrepreneur. Additionally, he is an investor in various companies and has appeared as an investor on the television show “Dragon’s Den.”

Bartlett also earns money through speaking engagements and book sales. Overall, his diverse sources of income have helped him become a highly successful and prominent figure in the business world.

How much did Steven Bartlett get from Social Chain?

The exact amount Steven Bartlett received from Social Chain is not publicly disclosed. However, reports suggest that in 2019, he sold a £12 million stake in the company. As of 2022, his estimated net worth is around £68 million, which includes his earnings from Social Chain and other ventures.

How much did Steven Bartlett sell his company for?

Steven Bartlett sold his social media agency, Social Chain, for £300 million in 2021, making him the youngest self-made billionaire in the UK at just 28 years old. He co-founded Social Chain with Dominic McGregor in 2014 and stepped down as CEO after the sale to pursue other ventures.

What brands has Steven Bartlett invested in?

Steven Bartlett has invested in various brands, including Huel, Social Chain, and Bitstream. He has also invested in tech startups like Vidsy and Purely. He recently became a judge on the UK version of Shark Tank and continues investing in promising startups. Bartlett’s net worth is estimated to be around £80 million.

What companies does Steven Bartlett own?

Steven Bartlett is a British entrepreneur, investor, and social media influencer. He founded Social Chain, a global social media marketing agency, and co-founded companies like Media Chain and Student Problems. Additionally, Bartlett has invested in startups through his venture capital firm, The Emporium.


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