Bored Of Your Usual Investment Strategy? Try These 9 Unusual Things To Invest In Instead

try unusual Investment strategies instead of bored

Investing can be an excellent way you use your wealth to help generate more income, creating a nest egg or legacy to leave to your loved ones. Investing is usually a long process, and it is vital to look for as many different options as possible to diversify your portfolio and protect your wealth. You should undertake any new investment after careful thought and research.

You may find that after some time, you get bored with your standard investment strategy. Changing things up can be an excellent way to stay motivated and engaged with the investment process. Finding something unusual to invest in can be a perfect option for anyone looking for a change.

Unusual Things To Invest

1. Comic Books

Comic books can have enormous value depending on the age and rarity of the item. You will need to do your homework and learn about the most sought-after comics and how the condition of the comic will impact the price it can fetch. You can buy comics at conventions, dedicated stores, or online, and it may take some searching to find issues that will bring in good money for the investment.

2. Music Royalties

Music royalties can earn huge amounts of money for the owners of the rights or shareholders. For instance, hugely popular Christmas songs like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of royalties each year in December alone.

While it may not be possible to outright buy the rights to massive songs like Mariah’s, you could be able to purchase shares in songs of varying popularity. This can be a fantastic way to put your musical knowledge to work and see if you can find and invest in the next big hit.

3. Fine Art

try unusual Investment strategies instead of bored - Fine Arts

Art has been a solid and popular investment for centuries. Again, you will need to do your research to learn about popular up-and-coming artists and to understand which artwork will bring in a best return on your investment. The older and rarer the work, and the more popular the artist, the higher the value of the piece. If you buy artwork from a newer artist, you should be prepared to keep it for years or even decades and watch the markets to see how the piece’s value increases over time.

4. Classic Cars

Classic and rare cars can be an excellent investment, with rare cars increasing steadily in value thanks to their scarcity. You could consider finding cars that require some TLC and restoring them to their former glory. You can then sell the classic vehicle for a profit. It is crucial to remember that some brands and styles will be more popular than others. Always do your homework before investing in any classic car to restore and sell.

5. Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be a fascinating and exciting investment. Their value can fluctuate rapidly, so you will need to stay on your toes when experimenting with trading, selling, or buying Bitcoin. Bitcoin has made a lot of people into overnight millionaires, but it has also seen others lose out on their investment entirely.

It is a good idea to buy small amounts of Bitcoin first and watch the markets closely to see how they are likely to shift and change. You can learn to buy Bitcoin with debit cards and other excellent resources for new Bitcoin investors from the experts at Paxful. This will help you build your knowledge going forward and get you started.

6. Wine


To invest in wine, you will need a suitable place to store the bottles you buy. This means a climate-controlled space away from direct sunlight, like a cellar or basement. You’ll need to be able to identify counterfeit bottles and learn as much as possible about the vintages that are most in demand. Look for a range of wines from different vineyards, countries, and time periods to build a wine collection that could offer excellent returns.

7. Major City Parking Spots

Many major cities worldwide are facing shortages in places for people to park. Cities like London and New York are sorely lacking in reliable parking options. Many residents or people traveling into the cities will be willing to pay a premium for a regular, secure parking spot. Purchasing a parking space will usually be significantly cheaper than buying property, and renting out your spot is a lot less work than renting residential or commercial properties.

8. Film And TV Memorabilia

Buying and selling memorabilia from popular films and TV shows can be a fun and interesting investment. As with any investment, the rarer the item, the more value it will have. Look for memorabilia from media with a cult following and large fanbases to have the best chance of selling for a profit in the future.

9. Sporting Teams

Sporting Teams

While buying a sports team outright is not within most peoples’ budgets, you could consider getting a group of investors together to pool their resources and buy a lower-tier sports team. You can make money as a part-owner of a sports team through ticket sales, merchandise, broadcasting rights, and more.