Best Places to Buy Bitcoin in the UK – Top 10 Places

Best Places to Buy Bitcoin UK

When choosing the best place to exchange Bitcoins in the UK, it becomes necessary to consider several core metrics such as regulation, fees, market support, and friendliness interface. Include whether they charge commissions and how much they charge if they support the method you prefer to use.

Virtual money can be used to pay off debts and as a medium of payment for business services. Like many of its peers, Bitcoins can be exchanged for Fiat currencies such as US dollars, euros, pound sterling, etc. Bitcoin is highly liquid compared to other cryptos; this suggests that when the cryptos are converted, the user has to face minimal losses if any.

Best places to buy Bitcoin in the UK

1. eToro


Those starting the trade-in Bitcoin will have to sign up with it virtually for the first time. They will get a virtual account with 100,000 dollars in it. This amount will let the trader practice their strategies for getting in the actual game and money.

Etoro can prove to be the best website for beginners. It contains a lot of information in detail, from buying Bitcoins to making an exchange is all covered on this site. It is regulated by FCA, i.e., Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. It doesn’t charge any trading fee and offers trading courses for better understanding.

2. Coinbase


Coinbase accepts debit and credit card payments with a flat charge of 3.99 dollars. As per the Coinbase team, 98% of the currency collected digitally is stored in the vaults; this makes money safe. Coinbase automatically converts the crypto into fiat currency.

Coinbase is the best to keep the money safe. It is prevalent among Bitcoin lovers. It offers a free wallet for exchange Services. The company also saves users from fraudulent activities by a 48-hour withdraw money cancellation option. In the UK, a fee of 4.95 pounds sterling for a card facility is charged; an extra fee for additional withdrawal is also charged.

3. BlockFi


The rates are up to date with the market; 7.5 % interest is provided. It is not decentralized and maintains strict KYC and AML protocols. The user needs to verify their ID while opening an account.

BlockFi was launched in 2017. It provides an interest rate on the transaction rather than earning from buying and selling offers. The user can earn up to 9.5 % API in cryptocurrency. BlockFi offers commission-free trading.

4. RobinHood


RobinHood is best for keeping the bare cost minimum. The trading is free without any charge for buying and selling. Now Robinhood has also provided a mobile version which provides comfort to those who prefer mobile to manage their money.

Earlier it was available only in 16 states of the US but is now available in the UK.  It does not include any wallet but is undoubtedly a reward for those new to Crypto.

5. Coinmama


Coinmama is for the ones wanting instant transactions. It provides instant Bitcoin purchases. Bitcoins can be transferred to any other Crypto wallet. Many payment options are available in Coinmama.

The setting up of accounts and verification is speedy. It charges high fees for some advanced features.

6. Pepperstone


Pepperstone was launched in 2010. Although Pepperstone is new to the game, it has made its point in ten years. Now very reputable and is known for its low fees charged. It is regulated by FCA, ASIC, and other regulatory bodies.

Trading platforms used by Pepperstone are Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, and cTrader. It can be operated via mobile, tablet, and PC. It works based on CFD, which means the user is not trading the coin itself; the trading is held on price moments of the currency, so no digital wallet is required.


Capital is an award-winning tech that has access to more than 3800 markets. It is a very easy-to-use platform available on PC, mobile, and tablets. It provides suggestions based on trading history, analyzes the behaviour via AI.

It is free that is no fees are charged for traders. Transparent system and provides three types of account available in

  • Standard account for $3,000
  • Plus account for $3001
  • Premium account for $10000

They have an app called Investment which educates beginners; a demo account facility is also available.

8. Uphold


Uphold was launched in 2015 across 184+ countries. It has a system of direct trading that allows users to transact between different assets. It is free, and the system is transparent, with commission uncharged on any deposit and withdrawal.

It is available on the PC desktop and mobile. Debit card option for payment of goods services and cashback can be earned. A unique feature of Autopilot mode is offered to schedule the recurring transaction. 0.8 to 1.2 % spread the cost; otherwise, it is free.

9. BitFlyer


BitFlyer is of Japanese origin. They do not charge any fee for the transactions. They have two types of accounts:

  • Trade
  • Trade Pro account

The one holding a trade pro account gets a rate according to preference and unlimited deposits and withdrawals. Bitflyer Lightning feature for professional leaders offers enhanced transactions tools for better trading style, speed and top security for traders. It charges high fees for this feature.

10. Kraken


Kraken was launched in 2011. It is a very easy-to-use platform designed for beginners. Its interface offers long-term and short-term investment strategies that are suitable for professional experience investors as well.

Kraken allows users to deposit and accept USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY, CHF, and AUD. Accounts are funded by wire transfer and SWIFT but not through debit and credit cards. Basic information is required for KYC details, including photo id and residence ID. Exchange withdrawals and deposits are allowed on its mobile app, available on android and IOS.

The Conclusion

Buying Bitcoin is safe, and using it in an ideal platform like Bitcoin Up will make the experience of its users more amazing. The right crypto place will have you strike the deal you have always wanted. It becomes essential to choose the right place by considering all the core metrics and features to be offered.