Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in London

Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in London

Are you a pure vegetarian looking to have some vegan dishes in London? If you are traveling to London from a different location or if a regular Londoner staying over there, This blog will guide you with the top ten best vegetarian restaurants in London. Just go through the blog as each restaurant we have listed has some notable and unique things to offer. Being a vegetarian is one of the best and healthy ways to lead a better life staying away from fats and cholesterols. So appreciate yourself if you are a pure vegetarian.

Vegetarian Restaurants in London

1. Naifs

Naifs Restaurant

Naif is one of the vegetarian restaurants located in London. The only main thing to note about Naifs is that it is open only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of every week. At Naifs restaurant you will find a vibrant and menu which is updated seasonally.

To enter and have a taste of pure veg dishes it’s all about only £35 per head with a pure BBQ vibe in Summer. The main dish is complemented by the yummy desserts and the delicious wines, soft drinks, and cocktails in London. This restaurant is located in Peckham in London.

2. Bang Kitchen

Bang Kitchen

Bang Kitchen was started by the three friends named Jo, Lee and Dave. They work together in Hospitality. Initially Jo suffered from Severe COVID symptoms and later he started realising about how good health is important and the benefits of Probiotics/Prebiotics foods.

Three friends started working along with the plant-based venture and which later gave rise to the Bang Kitchen. This restaurant is located in Pitfield street in North London.

3. Mildreds


Mildreds in London offers lots of varieties of fresh and colorful vegetarian foods in London. Mildred uses only organic ingredients to prepare the dishes and they don’t use any artificial agents. This restaurant was delivering to its customers for more than 30 years in London.

Mildred has separate different menus for Breakfast, All Day, Weekend Brunch, and also summer specials. Mildreds is located in many different locations like Soho, Camden, Kings Cross, and in Dalston.

4. The Gate Restaurant 

The Gate Restaurant

The Gate Restaurant is a famous vegetarian restaurant in London. This is located in three main locations Marylebone, St John’s Wood, and Hammersmith. The main thing about this restaurant is that they provide seasonal offers and if you are lucky you will get one during your visit to this restaurant.

The main goal of the Gate Restaurant is to offer a wide variety of plant-based food to their customers in London. They are planning to open one more in Islington later this year. All their restaurants have outdoor seating space as well.

5. Unity Diner

Unity Dinner

Unity Diner is a vegetarian restaurant that was founded in the year 2018. This was started by a group of close friends with a mission of providing positive difference while delivering the varieties of Vegetarian foods.

One of the main goals of this restaurant is to provide the customers with the power of plant-based foods with a wide range of categories. They provide only vegan foods and they don’t offer any meat kind of foods.

6. Dobar 


Dobar is a vegan restaurant in London which is opened very recently. This is located in Manor Hosue in London. They have different menus for Breakfast, Brunch and separately for Pizzas as well.

The highlight of this restaurant is that the Pizzas are accompanied by a wide range of quirky and local drink brands like Camden Pale Ale and some Lemonades with Karma Kola. They have dedicated experienced chefs to take care of the quality of the new range of vegan foods.

7. Sagar Restaurant

Sagar Restaurant

Sagar Restaurant, as the name, indicates is a South Indian restaurant located in London. This restaurant provides plant-based vegetarian foods to its customers in London. This restaurant is well known for the Vegan and South Indian food in London.

The chef of this hotel is from the small town called Udupi which is located in the Western Ghats of India. This is a town is located closer to Bangalore and it’s well known for many South Indian dishes. The same is delivered here in Sagar Restaurant.

8. Itadaki Zen 

Itadaki Zen

Itadaki Zen is a popular restaurant which is located in many places like London, Shrewsbury, and Ludlow. They offer different kinds of vegetarian dishes on their menu which will be liked by any kind of Vegans.

They try different combinations to get the best out of the plant-based food and deliver the best for the customers.

9. Café Van Gogh

Cafe Van Gogh

Café Van Gogh is a non-profit vegetarian restaurant in London. There are many special things to note about this restaurant. They offer a free drink and it depends upon the credits which you have with them. Even during some busy times, drinks will be offered as a takeaway option.

They focus on the quality of plant-based foods and delivering the best for their vegetarian customers in London for many years now.

10. Stem & Glory


Stem and Glory

As the brand name suggests, Stem and Glory is a pure 100% vegetarian restaurant. They also deliver quality vegan food online all over the UK. Stem and Glory is one of the go-to vegetarian restaurants if you are in London.

They are operating in two locations, one in London and the other in Cambridge. Also, the prices are fair. You can also order online and get it delivered to your home doorstep.

If you are a student or a business owner living in London or traveling to London anytime soon, this blog will be very handy for you to pick the best vegetarian restaurants in London and have your food.

Being Vegan is always the best option to eat green plant-based food and stay free always from fats, cholesterol, and other dangerous stuff to the body. This is the modern healthy way of living.