Will Solicitors – Top 10 in London

Will Solicitors Top 10 in London

One must have a will, no matter whether they have an estate planning method for property distribution. Do you know why you need someone to write a will for you? well because a will clarifies every legal action that will be taken after your death. A will aims to distribute your possessions legally among your family, friends, or loved ones. Wedding, divorce or separation, the birth of a baby, or the death of a beneficiary may cause your will to be invalid.

To make the “finding will writer” task easier and find the right solicitor concerning your needs and requirements, the following is the list of the top 10 will solicitors in London that’ll make the “will writing” process not just easy but legit for you. So, go through each law firm and choose the best one according to your needs and requirements so that you don’t have to worry about your possessions after your death.

Top 10 Will Solicitors in London

1. Boys & Maughan Solicitors

Boys and Maughan

Boys & Maughan are specialized in advisers on wills, probate, etc. Moreover, they have been giving specialized advice for more than 200 years. They do not charge any storage fees to keep your documents safe.

Apart from this, they can customize their services according to the client’s requirements and needs.

2. GloverPriest Solicitors Limited

GloverPriest Solicitors

They choose to give you the best service and they give full peace of mind to their private clients and assure them that all their client’s possessions are utilized according to their choice & convenience.

Based in London, GloverPriest is well-known to deliver highly professional and skilled advice & support. Their skilled solicitors ensure that your & your family’s future is in safe hands. Moreover, they also certify that the will is according to the client’s requirements.

3. Wollens


Based since the 19th century, Wollens ensures that their client has kept all relevant legalities in your mind before proceeding and assists you in creating a will while taking care of all your desires. From a single will to business assets.

Wollen’s ace at taking care of all legalities that are related to will & probate. Also, many people who are willing to make a will avoid paying for one, but Wollens would be happy to explain to you why it is a smart investment to pay for a will.

4. Ashtons Legal

Ashtons Legal

An award-winning legal law firm is one of the most-renowned legal firms and is also known for serving its clients in the best way possible. They make sure to communicate with you quickly whenever required.

Also, they ensure that their costs are fair and transparent with you. Ashtons legal also provides you with the best practical solutions to your legal requirements and needs. They assist people in creating wills that will not only make you happy but also meet legal ethics.

5. Tinsdills Solicitors

Tinsdills Solicitors

Grown through organic growth, Tinsdills Solicitors are now one of the largest law firms to provide full service. They have been working in the region in one form or another for approx 350 years now.

Experienced in wills & probates, Tinsdills are prominent in getting to know to impress clients to ensure that they completely acknowledge the needs & requirements of their clients. Moreover, Tinsdills are specialized in serving great client care and they ensure their fees are competitive & transparent.

6. Wolferstans Solicitors

Wolferstans Solicitors

Established in 1812, Wolferstans is one of the finest well-known legal firms in Plymouth with a huge platter of services. From a single person to large businesses they serve everyone equally. Wolferstans can connect both virtually & physically

According to clients’ demands, and look after your will creation professionally while keeping your requirements in mind simultaneously. They can customize your will according to your wish and make it perfect for you & your family. Their experts can guide you regarding the process of the whole creation as well.

7. Locking Solicitors

Locking Solicitors

They ensure that your wish to create a will is fulfilled. They closely listen to your needs & requirements and come up with the most reliable solution that ensures the implementation of your wishes.

One of the top-rated law firms, Lockings is a renowned agency that ensures that each of your queries is resolved by their experts. Their talented professionals are consistently developing creative ways to make their business service stand out from the crowd.

8. Tozer Gallagher LLP

Tozer Gallagher

Founded in 1785, Tozers is one of the fastest-growing law firms spreading in over 165 countries. They take care of each & every case personally and make sure that their clients are fully satisfied.

They will draft your will like you want it to be drafted. Also, they’ll make sure that each of your possessions is passed on the way you want them to be. They can also assist you in developing trust in your will.

9. Lucas & Wyllys

Lucas & Wyllys

Lucas & Wyllys makes sure that your belongings are given to the people that you choose. Moreover, you can also designate a guardian that will take care of your children and make sure to create a trust for them.

Established for more than 150 years, Lucas & Wyllys is one of the busiest law firms that are serving their clients happy. They aim to provide the best legal service cost-effectively to all their clients. Their professional yet friendly staff offers great advice that can solve all your doubts so that you can easily step into the final decision.

10. Banner Jones Solicitors

Banner Jones

The award-winning law firm, Banner Jones Solicitors, has been committed for more than 140 years now. They are one of the best law firms that provide great advice with over 130 people working for them in more than 6 offices.

They have experts in each department. They make sure that each of your possessions is given according to you and their experts will give you the best legal advice according to your requirement.

Above was the list of the top 10 Will Solicitors in London that serves a huge platter of legal services. It is important to hire a solicitor to write your will and after you, there should be a legal document that depicts where you wanted your possessions to be when you were alive.