Best Paid Jobs UK – Best 10 Professions To Earn More

Top 10 Best Paid Jobs in UK

While choosing a career, indeed, personal motivation comes first. But financial profits should also be taken into account. And you don’t want to put all your effort into education and profession to get a job that pays very little.

Job opportunities in the united kingdom are numberless, and salaries are high enough to meet your financial aspirations.

But, have you ever thought of what the highest paid jobs are in the country? Or Do you want to know which one to get?. Well, we will help you to find answers to these questions.

Based on some recent surveys, here are the top 10 best-paid jobs in the UK. Below is a summary of some of the highest-paid jobs in the country. Let’s see!

The 10 Best Paid Jobs In the UK

1. Airliner Controller

Airline Controller

Airplane controllers have high security as their work is essential for people who travel through aircraft. To manage this job, one must have outstanding; leadership skills and a professional mindset.

An aircraft controller and flight planner earn £81,132 on average, and as an aircraft controller, you can easily make around £1,960 per week in the UK. So it is the highest paid job in the UK plus one more reason for this much high salary is the number of lives they are responsible for at a given time.

However, you don’t need a specific degree for this job. But, you have to go through lots of examinations, tests, and training sessions to get qualified for the job. Keep in mind; the competition is very fierce to choose the best candidate.

2. Chief Executives and Senior Officials

Chief Executives and Senior Officials

The chief executives organize and coordinate all financial activities in a particular company. Their sole purpose is to ensure that the company maintains reasonable financial goals by making important decisions and long-term financial plannings.

If you choose this career, you have made the right choice because chief executives are the highest paying post in the UK. on average, the senior officials and top executives earn £1,725 every week.

This job requires a degree in business-related subjects and a minimum of 3 years of experience. Along with it, the candidate must have good leadership skills.

3. Airplane pilots

Airplane pilots

Since the UK has the most developed aeronautical systems, the UK aeronautical engineering industry is also highly advanced.

The airplane pilots also include airline officers, flight engineers, flying instructors, and helicopter pilots. The average pay of an aircraft pilot is £86,915.

To get this job, one must have a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering and good GCSEs in maths, English, science, and a second language. Along with it, you also require a class 1 medical certificate and a pilot license.

4. Sales Directors

Sales Directors

Marketing strategies are essential for any company. Thus, individuals who can design and organize marketing campaigns are much needed. So, the marketing directors are included in the list of highest-paid jobs.

The sales or marketing directors earn £1,397 per week on average. You must have a bachelor’s degree in business-related subjects to get this job.

5. Legal Advisors

Legal Advisor

A mere degree in law opens numerous job opportunities in all sectors. According to calculations, a law graduate earns £1,349 per week.

For this job field, you require a bachelor’s degree in law, and if you have a  higher degree in law, you can also earn a better-paid job. However, a law degree will help you get an enriching job career.

6. IT and Telecommunication Directors

IT and Telecommunication Directors

Computers are used in every organization or company, and so this accounts for high employability. The role of IT and communication directors is to manage and maintain the computer system in a company.

You can expect to get paid around £1,380 per week. To pursue a career in this field, you require a computer science degree.

7. Financial Managers

Financial Manager

Financial institutions require bank managers or insurance managers, and they, on average, earn £75,169 before tax. According to calculations, people in this profession can earn as little as £29,530 to as much as  £91,545 annually.

The qualification required for this profession is a degree in management-related subjects and relevant experience.

8. Medical Practitioners

Medical Practitioners

The UK claims to have a top-class medical system in the world. Medical universities are linked to hospitals. As a result, medicine graduates have high employability after the completion of their degree.

Medical professionals are the highest-paid employees because it is a very challenging career. There are countless roles you can get in the medical sector, so the salary range is vast. On average, healthcare professionals earn around £1,220 per week.

However, to get a job in the medical field, you should have a world-class education. Generally, a bachelor’s degree in medicine is required with a minimum of five years of relevant experience.

9. Advertising Directors

Advertising Directors

The way a company presents and advertises itself in society plays an essential role in reaching its business goals. Advertising and public relation directors are in charge of targeting the audience and use numerous advertising means to create a good image.

As an advertising and public relation agent, you can expect to earn £1,160 per week in the UK.

For the job, a bachelor’s degree in advertising, communication, and marketing is required.

10. Brokers


The highest-paid job in the UK is of brokers. It includes stockbrokers, traders, insurance brokers, foreign exchange, stock exchange dealers who earn £133,868.

Brokers act as a third party between two individuals involved in trading like relationships and charge commission for their service.

There is no formal academic requirement to be a broker. However, companies can demand a business-related degree or equivalent qualifications.

So now that you know what the top 10 best-paid jobs in the UK are, what are you waiting for!

Upload your CV, and who knows; this might be your year. Good luck!