Crypto Fear and Greed Index – A Complete Guide

Crypto Fear and Greed Index A Complete Guide

In simple words, Crypto Fear and Greed Index is a tool used to measure for Traders. As you know, the Crypto markets are volatile, unstable, and unpredictable. Moreover, studying the markets is a very tough task.

In such a scenario, it won’t help you make informed decisions on time. So, here the tool prices to be a rescue as it studies and evaluates the Crypto charts and so the pattern can be easily analyzed before you invest. If you are a newbie in the world of Crypto, then you should certainly use the tool to minimize the chances of loss.

Why is Crypto Fear and Greed Index Measured?

Why Crypto Fear and Greed Index measured

The crypto market is unpredictable. The ambiguity makes the crypto market’s behaviour very emotional. You will see traders getting greedy during the market rise causing FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in many of them. In outrage, you will also see many day traders selling their Crypto coins as they start noticing red numbers.

With the Fear and Greed Index, you can get rid of your emotional overreactions by avoiding the situation. The major assumptions of Crypto Fear and Gear are as follows:-

  • Extreme Fear
  • Extreme Greed

Extreme Fear gives you a hint that investors are too worried. Most probably, they are looking out for buying opportunities. However, be cautious when you notice the investors turning too greedy all of a sudden. It might be an indication that the market will show drastic changes.

Therefore, the Crypto Fear and Greed Indices fetch, measure, and analyze the ongoing Bitcoin market emotions. It is further reflected on a meter that reads from 0 to 100. The value 0 indicates a state of Extreme Fear, besides 0 implies Extreme Greed.

How do Crypto Fear and Greed Index work?

How do Crypto Fear and Greed Index Works

As mentioned earlier, The Crypto Fear and Greed Index is represented on a meter of 0-100. Following are some of the values and their indication:

  • The value 0 stands for Extreme Fear when the investors search for opportunities to invest in Crypto.
  • The value 50 represents Neutral. It usually happens when the market is stable so are the investors. Such investors neither suffer from fear nor greed.
  • The value 100 indicates Extreme Greed. Here, the investors turn too greedy and willing to allocate their Crypto funds outright.

The Crypto Fear and Greed Index Results and Emotions are usually analyzed on the grounds of some sources. The sources are used to monitor, survey, and analyze the Crypto markets one day in advance to make fruitful progress in the Crypto markets.

  • Volatility: The ongoing Cryptocurrency volatility is calculated by measuring and comparing the average Crypto values of the previous 30 and 90 days. If the volatile comes out to be high, it means greater fear.
  • Market Momentum: The Market Momentum of the Crypto Coins is tracked repeatedly by comparing the average values of the previous 30 days and the previous 90 days. The current volume can also be analyzed by the same. Higher buying volumes daily in a favorable market condition implies greed.
  • Social Media: You can also keep track of social media posts so that you know how much the investors interact and what’s their recognition in a certain time frame. Suppose the interaction rate is higher than it hints at higher greed.
  • Dominance: Dominance implies the market cap share acclaimed within the whole crypto market. If you find the market cap share to be higher, then it implies that investors would be eliminating other altcoins either because of fear or any other reason.
  • Google Trends: You can analyze Google Trends data for any Crypto-related information. The surveyed information then fetched can be used to develop a relevant metric.

How Can You Stay Updated with the Crypto Fear and Greed Index?

Undoubtedly, there has been a tremendous rise in digital currency users in the last year. With more users, the competition in the Crypto market has also increased exponentially.

Such a scenario has led to huge competition in the market. You can say that a sort of rat race is going on amongst the Cryptocurrency users. So, you must stay ahead in the competition to achieve most of the trading benefits. But how can you do so?

Knowing Fear and Greed Index is one of the recommendations that most users follow. It’s not a primary need. Neither do you need to rely on the results blindly!

Moreover, you need to be updated with it to be safer. You can use the several app widgets available showcasing Crypto Fear and Index on the internet. The app widgets can be downloaded from Google Play Store if you own an Android phone, or you can download App Store if you’re an iOS user.

Here, you have to download the apps measuring Crypto Fear and Greed Index. Set up them, and it will let you add the app’s widget on your phone’s home screen. You can easily track the index and track the market; sometimes, in the case of extremities, you will be notified easily.


Moreover, it is noteworthy that investors remember that a single tool like the Crypto Fear and Greed Index should not be solely considered while making any Crypto Trade Decisions. It would be best if you also considered other basic factors.

Additionally, for a safer trade, you should study the trends well, use Leverage and have Risk Management Strategies planned. Moreover, you should choose a bitcoin era platform that’s easy for you to use.

If you’re a newbie or if you are not confident about Crypto markets and have low confidence in Crypto trade can practice Demo Trading, also known as Paper Trading. It is available on certain platforms like eToro. You will get hands-on experience with the Crypto trade without investing any funds. Moreover, you must invest the amount you can afford to incur a loss.

You should know the dynamics of Cryptocurrency well before investing in it. If you don’t know, then start learning from Demo Trading, gradually gaining expertise but do not complicate Crypto much initially.