How to Build Your Brand with Packaging Design – A Complete Guide

How to Build Your Brand with Packaging Design - A Complete Guide

Looking to improve your business strategy? Competing in the market can be quite difficult. Read on to learn how to build your brand with packaging design.

In today’s world of cut-throat business competition, advertising your brand is key. It’s the only way to stand out in the market. Brand building can be done in several ways.

This is important in order to attract customers more to the business as well as to retain them.

However, this process can be quite difficult as the market is extremely competition-heavy. To appeal to customers, telling your brand’s story gives your the right brand identity, authenticity, and memorability.

In this article, you will learn how to build your brand with packaging design. Let’s get started!

How to Build Your Brand with Packaging Design?

1. Use Your Brand’s Story for Packaging Design

To achieve success, every brand needs to have its own story to tell. Without one, the brand’s identity will look shallow to customers. So, in order to draw in customers, the company should convey its values, goals, history, as well as product information, and use them to create a unique identity.

Now, why are we talking about the brand’s story, when our objective is to figure out how to build your brand with packaging design? Well, figuring this out helps big time when making choices that relate to product development and packaging design.

Use Your Brand’s Story for Packaging Design

The packaging and the tools we use will implement the brand’s identity to stand out from the crowd, which is vital for attaining success.

Speaking of packaging tools, custom tape has become the trend in recent years. To make your brand stand out, opt for custom packing tape for your product’s packaging.

2. Give Your Product a Persona with Packaging Design

You should think of your product as a person. That’s right, by thinking of your product as a person, you can create a brand personality. To make things easier to understand, the first impression we have of a person is often dependent on their outfits, and the packaging is just that for the product.

Every product is not for everyone, so the key here is to attract your target audience with the help of packaging. The packaging design can outline everything about the product inside while giving off eye-catching visuals to pique their interest.

Whether you are starting a new business, or want to improve your marketing strategies, the persona you create for your product and the packaging you design while keeping the persona in mind will help with building your brand reputation.

3. Find Your Target Audience

As mentioned above, figuring out your target audience is crucial for attracting customers to your brand. Who is going to buy your product, and what will trigger their interest? Finding the answer to these questions will have a positive impact on your marketing and product packaging strategies.

how to build your brand with packaging design - Find Your Target Audience

You have to consider the target demographic, their preferences, and the challenges you will face to satisfy customers. If you have no clue about what your audience wants, then both the product and the packaging will bring in underwhelming results.

So, how can you build your brand with product packaging by finding a target audience? Well, customers will mostly be attracted to packaging that is to their liking. This means that the design, the colors you use, and the size/shape of your package will all need to be decided on based on your target audience.

For example, young children are more likely to choose colorfully packaged products than those that give off a serious vibe. Older consumers, on the other hand, will prefer informative and simple packages that are easy to understand. This is why you will see digital marketing teams use different advertisements for different demographics on social media.

4. Design the Packaging with a Unique Touch

A good package will let the customer know right away what product is inside it and what company it is from. This is important as the first line of connection between a brand and its customers is the packaging.

This is why you should design the package with a unique touch. Printing your logo and company name on the package as well as using a signature style of design (colors, package shape, etc.) will let the customers know immediately who the manufacturer is.

Furthermore, you should provide information about the product as well as a short message to your customers about your brand as this helps build a stronger connection.

It is important to note that colors can make a big difference to your customers. For example, if you are selling products related to women’s natural skincare, then the package should be green, pink, or white as these are the colors that people imagine when they think of women’s natural skincare products.

5. Stay Consistent and Don’t Go OTT

When creating a package, it can be tempting to go OTT and throw in various designs. Although wild packaging can be eye-catching, it certainly has many downsides as well. The package may displease the customers and may even lower sales. Furthermore, overdoing it does little to no good when it comes to raising brand awareness.

Stay Consistent and Don't Go OTT

Another thing to remember with packaging is that it is connected to brand experience. This means that staying consistent with your packaging is key. The design for different products should all maintain high quality while also keeping the package in line with your brand’s values and personality. The font, logo, and message you print out should all reflect the business’s main goals and values.


Creating an effective brand image will help your business increase sales and attain a higher market share. If you wish your customers to feel intrigued and excited about the products you release, then you should apply the packaging concepts laid out above.

We hope that this article helped you learn how to build your brand with packaging design, and we hope that your brand attracts more customers and continues to thrive in the future.


1.  What makes a good packaging design?

A good packaging design will be unique and appealing to the target audience that the product is made for. It should also apply the four principles of effective packaging design: engage, compete, deliver a memorable experience, and communicate.

2.  How do you develop packaging design?

To develop your package designs, seeking feedback is an effective method. Furthermore, you should put the time into understanding the layers of packaging, coming up with the information structure, choosing the proper packaging, and critically evaluating the design.

3.  What are the packaging methods?

The term “packaging method” generally consists of the following three steps: designing, evaluating, and manufacturing the finished package.