5 Rules for Wannabe Entrepreneurs

5 Rules for Wannabe Entrepreneurs

When we look at the truly successful self-made people in the world, we might wonder about the keys to their success. Many seem to start young, but actually, age is no barrier to making it big. All you need is a good idea and a plan to take it forward. Let’s break down some key strategies for would-be startup entrepreneurs.

Know Your Stuff

Many of us have great ideas, but without a solid foundation of knowledge, your small business concept is likely to fizzle. The cost of a college education may be off-putting to many, but it might be the most important investment you make. So, how can you pay for college? You could save up, but this might take years – a precious time when you could be launching your business. A viable option is to take out a low-rate student loan from a private lender to get your graduate degree. With flexible options to choose from, you could fund your education in a way that suits you.

Get Your Finances in Order

Get your Finances in order

You need to be realistic about your personal finances when you launch a new startup. There’s a reason why many famous business giants of today started their businesses in their parents’ garages. Many new businesses fail in their first year of operation, in part because they didn’t have a solid financial foundation. You need to work out your costs for the initial one to five years so your business can grow steadily but also remain afloat in quiet times.

Have a Plan

Have a Plan

You may think your idea has the potential to make millions, but you need to develop a strategy to make sure this happens. Make sure you take the time to develop a thorough business plan. Narrowing down your key target market, analyzing the competition and identifying the marketing channels you need to reach your customers are the basics. You can find business plan guides online, and it’s a valuable use of your time to work through completing one. It will be essential to submit a business plan to a lender for funding, so be clear on your vision of how you want the business to develop.

Get a Great Team on Board

Get a great team onboard

We all have unique skills and qualities, but just because someone is great at engineering doesn’t mean they are a whizz at sales. Very few people can run even a small business without getting some outside help. Whether it’s keeping on top of your books (essential for taxes), or developing a savvy marketing strategy, make sure you have the right people on board to make your business run. In the early stages, you might consider using an external agency to fulfil some of the tasks, and as you grow you may recruit employees.

Reach for the Skies

Reach for the Skies

Once you have your team on board, solid marketing strategy tips and funding, and the foundation of knowledge you require, it’s time to work (very, very hard). Having your own business may be a lifestyle choice for some. However, in reality, startup entrepreneurs need to put the hours in to succeed. It will take grit and determination, but if you can overcome the setbacks and you are willing to put the hours in, you will give your business every chance of succeeding.


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