Top 10 Must-Try Seafood Restaurants in London

Top 10 Must-Try Seafood Restaurants in London

If you are a seafood lover living in or visiting London, this post is for you. We have researched and handpicked the top 10 must-try seafood restaurants in London. From fine dining to casual eateries, these restaurants offer seafood dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.

Whether you are looking for fresh oysters or succulent lobsters, we have you covered. Our list includes Crazy Coqs, Scott’s, The Oystermen Seafood Bar & Kitchen, Fish Central, London Shell Co., Parsons, Prawn on the Lawn, The Seafood Bar, Randall & Aubin and Sweetings. So read on and prepare to treat yourself to some of the best seafood dishes in London.

Top 10 Must-Try Seafood Restaurants in London

London is home to many incredible seafood restaurants; deciding which one to try can be challenging. Our “Top 10 Must Try Seafood Restaurants in London” guide will help you decide. From small plates of razor clams at J Sheekey in Soho to the grilled Dover sole at Scott’s in Mayfair, there is something for everyone on this list. Discover London’s best seafood and indulge in lobster thermidor and fresh oysters while sipping cocktails or champagne. Take advantage of these mouth-watering experiences!

1. Crazy Coqs


Crazy Coqs

Nestled in the vibrant Soho district of London is Crazy Coqs – one of the city’s best seafood restaurants. The elegant decor provides the perfect setting for indulging in exquisite seafood delicacies like oysters, lobsters and shrimp. If you’re looking for vegetarian options or prefer pairing your food with cocktails or spirits – you won’t be disappointed! Don’t forget to book ahead – this popular seafood spot fills up quickly.

2. Scott’s



Scott’s is one of the best seafood restaurants in London, located in the heart of Mayfair. This seafood restaurant has been serving Londoners since 1851 with its delicious oysters, juicy lobster and tasty crab dishes. The luxurious Art Deco interior sets the tone for a unique and unforgettable dining experience. Scott’s is the perfect spot whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or an evening out with friends. Remember to try their famous caviar!

3. The Oystermen Seafood Bar & Kitchen


The Oystermen Seafood Bar & Kitchen

This seafood restaurant in the heart of Soho – The Oystermen Seafood Bar & Kitchen, is known for its cozy ambiance. Their menu is focused on serving exquisite seafood dishes such as oysters, crab, lobster and mussels that are fresh from the fishmonger. This place offers a casual, relaxed atmosphere perfect for enjoying small plates with friends or family outdoor dining.

4. Fish Central

Fish Central

Located in the heart of London, Fish Central is one of the best seafood restaurants that offers sustainable seafood dishes. You can enjoy the classic English dish fish and chips or be more adventurous by trying the grilled octopus. The restaurant also provides vegetarian food and gluten-free options for its loyal customers’ dietary preferences. Fish Central should be on your bucket list if you seek a cozy ambiance and friendly service while dining with friends or family.

5. London Shell Co.


London Shell Co

The London Shell Co. is a sustainable seafood restaurant on a barge at Regent’s Canal in London. It offers an exotic range of shellfish dishes like oysters, crab, and scallops that are freshly sourced from the UK’s best fishmongers. You can relish your meal while enjoying the breathtaking view of the Mount Street terrace amidst cocktails and champagne. Small plate options also entice you with king crab sashimi, razor clams, ceviche paired with chilli, or even a meaty turf and surf combo with fries!

6. Parsons



Located in the heart of Covent Garden, Parsons is a cozy and welcoming seafood restaurant that sources seafood from the UK coast. With a daily-changing menu that includes mouth-watering options like oysters, crab on toast, and grilled octopus, Parsons offers one of London’s best seafood dining experiences. In addition to their delicious small plates, Parsons also serves up an impressive variety of seafood platters for sharing. Take advantage of this restaurant gem during your next visit to London!

7. Prawn on the Lawn


Prawn on the Lawn

With its focus on serving fresh seafood sourced from local suppliers like oysters, crab, and scallops, Prawn on the Lawn is one of London’s best seafood restaurants. This cozy little spot in Islington offers a variety of small plates and sharing options that are perfect for a night out with friends or family. Whether you’re in the mood for something classic like fish pie or something more adventurous like razor clams or squid ink risotto, Prawn on the Lawn has got you covered.

8. The Seafood Bar


The Seafood Bar

Nestled in the heart of London lies The Seafood Bar – a cozy restaurant with a modern twist that should be on every foodie’s must-visit list. The sustainably sourced seafood menu boasts everything from succulent oysters and grilled fish to shellfish and prawn dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. Don’t forget to pair your meal with wine or cocktails from their extensive menu and feel good knowing you’re supporting ethical practices.

9. Randall & Aubin


Randall & Aubin

Located in the heart of Soho, Randall & Aubin is one of the best seafood restaurants in London that offers an extensive menu featuring fresh seafood dishes such as oysters, lobster thermidor, crab, squid, razor clams, mussels, sea bass, scallops, and tuna sashimi. The restaurant also boasts a great selection of wine and champagne to complement your meal.

With its lively yet laid-back atmosphere designed by Damien Hirst at Berkeley Square House, this sexy fish den is perfect for a casual dinner with friends or family. Remember to try their signature dish with fries- surf ‘n’ turf.

10. Sweetings



Located in London’s City district, Sweetings is a historic seafood restaurant that has been serving fresh seafood since 1889. Their menu boasts classic British dishes like oysters, grilled fish, and fish and chips. The interior features stunning vintage decor and photos of notable patrons, making it a destination for those seeking an authentic British dining experience. Sweetings are one of the best seafood restaurants in London that should be on everyone’s list while exploring Soho or Mayfair.


If you’re a seafood lover, London has an array of amazing restaurants that serve the freshest and tastiest seafood. You can find everything in this city, from Michelin-starred fine dining to casual and charming seafood bars.

Our top 10 must-try seafood restaurants in London include Crazy Coqs, Scott’s, The Oystermen Seafood Bar & Kitchen, Fish Central, London Shell Co., Parsons, Prawn on the Lawn, The Seafood Bar, Randall & Aubin, and Sweetings. We hope this list helps you explore and taste some of the best seafood London offers.

FAQ – Seafood Restaurants London

FAQ - Seafood Restaurants London

What seafood dishes can I expect at London’s top 10 seafood restaurants?

London’s top 10 seafood restaurants offer a diverse selection of dishes. Expect classics like fish and chips and unique options like lobster bisque or Rockefeller oysters. Take advantage of grilled octopus, scallops, crab cakes, or salmon. Each restaurant highlights the freshest seafood available with its specialty.

Are these restaurants suitable for those with dietary restrictions or preferences, such as gluten-free or vegetarian diets?

To ensure a restaurant can accommodate dietary needs, it’s crucial to check with them directly. Some seafood restaurants in London may offer gluten-free or vegetarian options, and some places may be able to modify dishes. It’s recommended to call ahead and notify the restaurant of any dietary restrictions or preferences.

What is the price range for these seafood restaurants?

The price range for London’s top seafood restaurants can vary depending on the restaurant and your chosen dishes. Some places may be more affordable, with dishes starting at around £10-£15, while others can be higher-end, with prices ranging from £30-£50 per dish. It’s best to check the restaurant’s website or menu to understand their price range.

Do these restaurants offer any unique dining experiences or atmospheres?

Absolutely! These seafood restaurants offer diverse dining experiences and atmospheres. For instance, Wright Brothers in Soho presents a festive ambiance with a wide range of UK oysters. J Sheekey Atlantic Bar provides a glamorous art deco feel and an extensive seafood menu. The Oystermen Seafood Bar & Kitchen offers an intimate setting with a view of chefs preparing dishes.

Do any of these restaurants offer vegetarian or non-seafood options?

Although seafood restaurants on the list may have vegetarian or non-seafood options, it’s best to check their menu online or call ahead. Many restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan dishes, while some seafood places also serve chicken, beef, or pork for non-seafood eaters.