Top 15 Websites to Find Trading Jobs in the UK

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There are several trading jobs to start it. You may find it challenging to choose and get started with a suitable trading job in the UK. Moreover, you might also face issues in shortlisting a site from where you can apply for a trading job.

Top Websites to Find Trading Jobs in the UK

1. CV-Library

The site, CV-Library, works. Here, you have to create a detailed CV for yourself. Then highlight your education, passion, talents, and skills.

Accordingly, it will show you a range of different trading jobs posted, and you’re all set to use your business mind well for trading. But since you want to find a trading job, it is possible only when your skill resembles a trading arena.

2. WikiJob

If you’re looking for a varied range of paid jobs in the trading industry, then you have to try the portal. WikiJob is one of the largest job portals in the UK. It provides you with the best career advice and much latest information regarding the interviews being held in various companies.


So, even if you’re about which trading job you should choose, the platform so you can gain career insights on it. It will help you make a wise decision regarding trading jobs.

3. Indeed

Indeed is the most popular job site in the UK. Every second, ten new jobs are added to the site.

Trading being a growing and wealthy field in the UK, you will find various trading jobs in the UK from Indeed. Just make your profile and apply for the desired one now.

4. Totaljobs

In partnership with Jobsite, the platform displays jobs to around six million people each month.

trading jobs Totaljobs

So, if you’re looking for a trading job, it can help you get started and find the most accurate job suiting your aptitude and skills on the go.

5. Reed

If you have targeted specific companies for an ideal trading job with ambition in mind, you should browse and apply via Reed.

The platform introduces training courses and sessions to mold your passion, be it for trading or other purposes.

Reed has a database of several trading companies and sends you notifications via its app or email. Its trading procedure helps you with the interview and job-seeking process.

6. Monster

If you’re the one using social media platforms to look for better trading jobs, then is for you. It responds instantly regarding trading jobs as they shortlist one for you.


You should read the Terms and Conditions and understand your work. If you are okay with the trading job, you can apply and start working as asked.

7. Adzuna

If you don’t know your worth in the trading platform, then you deserve the platform. Azduna’s algorithm is designed in a manner such that it will send your CV to the companies that are worth your talent and even send your job alerts only from the companies that deserve you.

It will let you explain your hidden talents and discover your true potential in trading jobs in the UK.

8. Glassdoor

If you like to research well about the trading company or firm where you will work in the future, then you can grab the opportunity by Glassdoor. For job-seekers applying in trading jobs or any other demand jobs, it has a massive range of companies where you meet the eligibility criteria, and the company’s policy will meet your prerequisites.

Moreover, it also acts as a portal where a company’s employees and associates with their hidden identities post their experience with a specific company.

9. CWJobs

CWJobs is typically meant for those who wish to secure a job in the tech industry. However, you will find several trading jobs on the platform. CWJobs provide specific trading jobs in Fintech companies also.

You can use the platform to polish your skills and stand better amongst other job seekers. You can quickly get started even with a one-tap mobile app.

10. Guardian Jobs

If you want a job in a specific field like here, you would like to grab a career in the trading sector, and then Guardian Jobs can be used. If you have completed your graduation, then it has a special section dedicated to you for providing jobs that suit your caliber.

Guardian jobs

Guardian Jobs has a list of jobs that any other ordinary trading platform will usually have. It narrows down your search by applying filters as you select your preferences.

11. WorkInStartups

If you want to work in the trading sector of the UK and wish to begin with a startup company, then you should go for it. Working in a Startup will help you gain a healthy competitive exposure while working.

Moreover, you’ll grow in your sector by learning several new things and grabbing the opportunities that turn out to be beneficial for you. Besides, you will gain work experience in the startup.

12. Maverick Trading

If you want to experience real-time trading as an employee and even trade using someone else’s funds, then Maverick Trading is made for you. Though it originally belongs to the US, it is also established in the UK.

Maverick trading

Its trading sessions, daily insights, and working experience help you grab a lot of tricks to trade smartly. So, for giving a start with a focus on learning, you can apply here.

13. Internshala

The platform is meant for paid and unpaid internships. But you’ll be able to see a lot of job opportunities here if you have completed your education.

You can then check the eligibility criteria and apply for the internship/job at your convenience. Though the platform has fewer jobs and internships for trading, the ones listed are perfect for an advanced start. It helps you work in a legitimate working environment.

14. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is used globally, especially for those who hunt jobs on social media platforms. You can connect with anyone globally or be an active part of the trading experience for golden opportunities.

Here, you can search for trading companies to apply to or even employers at your convenience.

15. efinancial careers

If you are an experienced and intelligent trader looking for a handsome package to start with, then you can search for trading jobs in efinancial careers.

efinancial careers

The platform is essentially meant for finance-related trading jobs, so you should never miss a chance to work here!


Choose a website as per your preferences that will help you avoid any regrets regarding a trading job in the future. If you are an expert in trading bitcoins, then you can help many traders to attain more profit. There are many bitcoin banks who are hiring to help their traders, and your work is to direct the user for proper investment.