Top 7 Best WordPress Plugins to Display Your Data

Best WordPress Plugins to Display Your Data

Tables are the best methods to display the data on the website. The table-making process is old history in HTML that a developer creates a table with the< table> tag. And it is only possible if you are familiar with the HTML language.

The modern web developing field makes this process easy. WordPress and other CMS platforms make this process easier without the HTML language. There are infinite numbers of plugins available in WordPress.

So, plugin choosing is a little bit complicated for users of WordPress. Plugins make work easier in WordPress. So, how to choose the plugins for displaying your data on the website? In this article, I describe the best WordPress plugins to display your data. Why Use a WordPress table Plugin?

As a web developer, tables are a great way to display customer services and business data.  The large data sets are easy to read. Tables used such as showing price, product comparison, web directories, and so on for multiple operations.

WordPress already provides an inbuilt feature to add your data to the blog and page. But it has limited features, and it has not offered many stylings and formatting options. Due to this, WordPress plugins give many features to the users like color, style, design, filters, formatting, and much more.

If you provide your data with engaging and interactive tables, then your visitors spend more time on your website.

Top 7 Best WordPress Plugins to Display Your Business Data

These are the plugins to display the data on the WordPress site.

  1. Table Press
  2. Formidable Forms
  3. wpData Tables
  4. Data Tables Generator by Supsystic
  5. Ninja Tables
  6. Visualizer
  7. WP Table Builder

1. TablePress

TablePressIt is a famous plugin for WordPress. You can create a beautiful and responsive table in this plugin without any coding language. You can import and export your data in HTML, spreadsheet, CSV, and JSON format. So, users can manage your tables by using pagination, data sorting, and more.

2. Formidable Forms

Formidable FormsThe Formidable Forms is the latest plugin for the WordPress website. And it is one of the powerful table-making tools. It gives multiple styles and properties for your table data. The formidable form comes with a complete table package. And an additional feature is tables are automatically updated while new data comes from outside.

3. wpDataTables

wpDataTableswpDataTables is one of the best premium plugins for the user who loves the premium in WordPress. And it comes with a table builder. Once you can enable the table builder, then you can create beautiful tables. You can also import the table data from the CSV, XMP file, PHP, and much more.

4. Data Tables Generator by Supysystic 

Data Tables Generator by SupysysticIt is a flexible and user-friendly plugin for users who can use WordPress for their Web development process. You can easily sort and merge your data in your tables. It has a similar interface to Excel. So, you can easily apply mathematical formulas for data calculation. Apart from that, a user can convert the table into diagrams, charts, and graphics. It helps the visitors for better data understanding.

5. Ninja Tables

Ninja TablesNinja Table is the best-selling WordPress plugin. It allows different customizations to tables. Ninja Tables is the better solution for WordPress developers. And it gives 13 color schemes for your WordPress website. So, you can customize your data to be mobile responsive and desktop-friendly with a single click. And it provides CSS and JavaScript features, due to which you can write your custom CSS and JavaScript code for your table.

6. Visualizer

VisualiserIT is a great choice for creating charts and bars. You can get complete control over your website tables such as sorting, scrolling, searching, pagination, and much more. Visualizer is not a free version, once you can buy the pro version then only you can audit your data values.

7. WP Table builder

WP Table BuilderWP Table builder is a simple drag and drops editor plugin. You can easily create a responsive table for your business site. And you can add images, lists, buttons, star ratings, shot codes, pricing lists,s and much more. Additionally, it comes with a sorting facility.


We hope this article will help you to learn the WordPress table plugins and their properties.

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