Business Card Ideas: Tips to Achieve a Creative Look

Business Card Ideas

Business cards are still hugely influential when it comes to branding and networking. They are an introduction to your business and those who work within your business but they are also designed to create a memorable link between potential clients and your business.

When your business card stands out, you will give yourself a greater chance of generating more business. Therefore, business card design is especially important which is why you should choose to use a reliable printing company like ours, so take a look at our range of business cards here. With this in mind, how do you create the right look when it comes to business cards?

Tips On How to Design a Business Card

1. Start with an Inspiration

Every idea you have for your own business card design has to take inspiration from somewhere else. Sure, you might look at other business cards of competitors as a way of getting an idea but the best approach is to use this inspiration to create a unique business card.

2. Be Creative

The aim is to stand out. Therefore, you should make sure that you are creative with your designs and come up with an idea that helps to differentiate you from your competitors. Business cards should not be bland or boring as they need to leave a mark and be memorable, so let your creativity flow.

3. Make Business Card Useful

Make Business Card Useful

You can also design your business card so that it can prove useful. This will once again, make it memorable but this is all about having a design that is unique to you. There are many examples out there that will give you an idea but when they can use your business card for another purpose, it’s likely to resonate more with them.

4. Showcase Yourself, Brand or Business

As a general rule, your business card should include your name and also your business name. However, look beyond that and you can create a business card that takes your creative abilities to another level. With many business card designs to consider, you can add your logo, add graphic elements and incorporate colours that showcase who you are and what you are all about.

5. Feature a Photo of Your Craft

Whatever business or industry you work in, try to incorporate an image where possible. This will give your business cards a better appearance and show that you have been creative with the design. Furthermore, it will also make it instantly obvious as to what you offer as part of your service.

6. Use Icons that Presents Your Business

Use Icons that Presents Your Business

You don’t always have to use real images because icons are a great alternative and look great after printing. You can choose from a variety of examples and templates to give you an idea although your cards should remain unique in every possible way.

7. Choose Fonts That Make a Statement

Fonts are an integral part of all business cards. Whether it’s your branding or getting your name noticed, you can be sure that the font will make a statement. It’s vital that you choose a font that complements your brand but you’d be surprised at how much of an impact the font can have.

8. Choose a Creative Colour Combination

The right blend of colours is going to give your business card design that extra edge. You can go for deep colours, soft pastels and anything that works with your marketing and branding. Make sure you try to keep branding consistent as this will ensure that your business card is instantly recognisable.

9. Resize to Make Your Content Go Further

Resize to Make Your Content Go Further

The great thing about modern technology is that you can make your content go further. Once you have a design that you like, you can modify it and change it as you see fit. This will then make it possible for you to use your content across all channels.

Business Card Ideas to Try

1. Minimalist Business Cards

Business Card Ideas to Try - Minimalist Business Cards

When it comes to design, minimalism is a great option as it allows all of the important information to make an impact. Furthermore, it enables you to be creative without being boring and that means that your card will look amazing in print.

2. Professional Business Cards

If you’re looking for a more formal business card design then there are many templates that give you an idea of what a professional might look like. You want your card to do the talking which means that you want solid colours and a formal design.

3. Business Cards with Unique Typography

Your business card can really stand out if you opt for unique typography because you can use fonts to make all of the relevant information stand out. It can be bold, creative and you can ensure that the font sends your message in the correct way.

4. 3D  Business Cards

3D  Business Cards

For a business card design that really looks the part, you can opt for a 3D business card. These enable you to be creative by adding texture such as a raised logo or you can opt to create a card that can be folded into a 3D shape. This will make your business card look amazing in print and it will give a memorable appearance.

5. Photo-centric Business Cards

It’s not always words that look good after you print your business cards. You can really make an impression with business cards that have a photo as the stand out image. This is especially good if you offer a service that you can showcase with an image.

6. Elegant  Business Cards

From subtle tones to elegant fonts, whether you’re a beauty spa or a restaurant, an elegant business card design will enable you to give the impression that you are a classy business that offers a certain standard of service.

7. Modern  Business Cards

modern business card

Modern can be defined in many ways but take a look at some templates and you’ll soon discover what it means. If you’re a modern business, you can opt for trendy fonts, smart colours and a design that gives your business cards a real punch.

8. Glow in the Dark Business Cards

This is more quirky than functional but this design will certainly grab the attention of anyone who receives your business card. The design of the card is down to you but by adding a glow in the dark feature, you’re certainly making it stand out.

9. Flat Design Business Cards

A flat design business card is simple yet effective. You can make the design unique and stylish and opt for any look you wish but the flat design will keep things as clear as possible when it comes to getting all the relevant details across to those who are given your card.

10. Cut-Out Design Business Cards

If you’re looking for a unique business card that has a different look, then a cut out a business card is the design you need. Whether it’s shaped like a van for a delivery company or shaped like a dog for a dog groomer, you can be sure that a cutout design will really catch the eye.

11. Square Business Cards

Square Business Card

There are many templates out there for square business cards but they take on a different appearance to standard cards and look great after printing. The design can incorporate anything you wish but will ensure that everyone captures your name and your business details.

12. Vintage Business Cards

From classy, themed cocktail bars to old-fashioned barbershops, a vintage business card has a design that really looks impressive in print. It captures the very essence of the business and gives the appearance that you have thought about your business branding and image.

13. Transparent Business Cards

A transparent business card is smart, stylish and modern while you can get creative with the look. It certainly has a different look and you’ll see this when you print it, but it is a look that will capture attention.


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